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Buy An Email List- buy an email list email marketing

Should you buy an email List for Email Marketing

People are selling email list claiming to reach more customers with email marketing. Are there dangers in using sold email list for your email marketing.

Gradually, as Nigerians wake up to the realities of marketing their business online using different strategies and tools, email marketing seems to be on the rise.

This is coming from the backdrop of getting three cold emails leading me directly to a sale all in the last week.

Now within the context of that email, these folks never mention how they got my email address.

Now is that good email marketing? Absolutely not!

Why is it wrong to automatically add people into your email software and send them messages without permission?

It is not standard practice and doing that is an abuse of people’s privacy,
It’s an outright disobedience to the international CAM SPAM ACT enacted in the United States.

Now you may argue that Nigeria don’t have such laws so we’re allowed to do whatever we please.

Before you do that my friend, listen to this.

The email service providers you’re using, have terms and conditions you must read and agree to before you use their software and in every of those terms, conditions and rules it’s strictly stated that they respect the CAM SPAM ACT and the CAM SPAM ACT says “you must not add people to your email list without permission or they voluntarily opted in to your list and requested further information and marketing messages from you. The emphasis there is “voluntarily” and they must have the option to opt out with a click of a button.

Now do a lot of Nigerian businesses have that process in place?
Heck no.

You can imagine, some people will tell you to reply to their email to request to be unsubscribed.

Now since this post is not about addressing the mistake (and bothering on shenanigans either out of ignorance or outright don’t care attitude)  of what I see going on with email marketing; (I’ll address that in a different post altogether), this post is really about addressing the marketing benefits or no-benefits of buying an email list.

Is there a marketing benefit for buying an email list? The answer to that question lies in asking some more pertinent questions.

When you decide to go full on with email marketing, is it ideal to buy an email list?

That’s the question I’ll attempt to answer and help guide you on the course action ideal for your situation.

Now, It’s important I let you know this: email adoption in Nigeria is pretty, pretty low… so open rates and click through rates, these are numbers that are important to measure, because it shows how many people have had exposure to your message.

Where did this emails come from?

So many people claim to have thousands and hundreds of thousands of email addresses for sale, most of these email addresses were harvested emails…

Why do I say so?

In today’s Nigeria, I haven’t seen a platform that allows for voluntary optin that clearly states that they will sell your email address as a business in Nigeria.

The major online players who have the capacity to have these email addresses are sites that make for people to register with their email contacts in order to use their service.

Examples of sites like these are: online forums like Nairaland, online classifieds like Olx Nigeria, Jiji,  eCommerce stores/online retailers e.g. Konga and Jumia, deal sites like Dealdey, online publishers (though their numbers can be extremely low or negligible because they don’t actively have an email marketing strategy. I do know this by looking at their website stats and how much of that email is responsible for.

Now will the eCommerce stores sell their email database? They better not…. But the quickest and sane answer here is “No.

If they do that, that would be destroying their customer base trust when people find out they’re selling their emails, second reason is they will be doing themselves more harm overtime because their business is also tied to the communication with those emails and dependent on the viability of those email addresses.
The consequence of selling the email list will overtime be detrimental to their business that relies to a greater percentage on the communication and relationship they build with their email list.

Selling will expose your database to a lot of spam, because that’s what happens when a ton of people gets access to that database, you erode and destroy the viability of that email address gradually or even quicker than you may know it.

Can the classifieds and other online forums sell their email list, they could…. now don’t get me wrong, on a scale of 1 – 10, ten being very high they won’t sell. Online classifieds are on a five on that scale.

Why is this? 
We never read a terms and condition or privacy policy when we signed up to those sites that lets us know how our emails will be used.

But for any classified site that does that, that’s so wrong. If people signed up on your site to use your service and you go right behind them to sell their data without prior permission that is sleazy business in my opinion.
That is not your business model and absolutely not why people signed up to use your service.

Let’s finally answer this question. So should you buy an email list? Choose your yes or no answer based on these:

1. What’s the source?
Since many of those are harvested emails, the tendency that they are worth much is really low on a scale of one to ten.
Many of those emails will bounce, many will be abandoned email addresses, that their owners no longer use and many will be un-targeted.

Have you ever thought about the receivers psychology when they receive these unrequested emails.

Let’s swap places here, imagine you got a cold email from the blue, from someone you don’t know, never met… what’s your reaction like?

Are you wondering, where in the world did this person get my mail?

why are they emailing me?

Am sure we all have those thoughts across board.

This brings me to my second point.

2. Is your customer base the target audience of that email list.
Put differently, is your target customer the core subscribers in that email list?

Is that email list targeted to your core audience?

When emails scrapers harvests emails, the least targeting their able to glean is probably geography or industry of interest, based on the website where they scraped the emails from.

Now your customer base, have a uniqueness.
They could be within a certain age bracket, have a certain level of income etc. except you want to claim that you sell to everyone, which is totally not true even if you sell water. Every one drinks water but not everyone buys “Eva Bottle Water” as an example.

So because you cannot deduce that an email list will be ultra targeted to your customer base, does it make any marketing sense to pay money for those?
In fact that reduces email marketing to traditional style of marketing which is a lot more noise than value.

Let’s consider the traditional marketing style for a minute.

We all know that radio and TV thrives by selling advertising spots, now what happens when you’re watching or listening to an interesting show and they decide to go on a break, at the moment they go on a break and start with their ads, that’s usually the moment a lot of us goes to the bathroom, continue with that chore in the kitchen, or pick up our phone to check up on our messages…

Why is that? Because from the consumer perspective, which is you and I, that marketing message is noise not value.

there is a thin line between noise and value - comic

There is a thin line between noise and value – Home grown comic for marketingkisspr.com

Noise is any marketing message that’s irrelevant and unsought by your audience.

Now applying this same noise-value principle to the email medium is an abuse of the medium. That’s why it will never work.

The email medium is a platform to build relationship, nurture relationship and create value every time.

It’s not a platform where noise thrives, people will natural screen you out of their inbox.

Which brings me to the last point on should you buy an email list?

3. What’s your why?

Why do you want to have people’s email address? The obvious answer of course you’ll give me “is to send emails to people” right?

Now again, why do you want to send emails to people?

Obvious answer, “to tell them about my product and services”

Why do you want to tell them about your product and services?

“To make sales obviously.”

If those were your responses to my questions then you have the purpose of email marketing screwed up, turned on its head and you better gird yourself with a boatload of money and big budget that will help you keep buying the email list and throwing them away when it doesn’t worth anything and buying some more.

Because if your purpose for having an email list is to sell to people, that marketing approach has been defeated before it started…

But the purpose for email marketing is to build relationship, to nurture your clients or prospects, to provide value and hopefully turn those people from skeptics to advocates.

Can you make sales using email, absolutely! but that becomes an aftermath of the kind of relationship you’ve built by earning their trust overtime.

To achieve this takes intent, strategy and passion to help your email subscribers even when they’re not paying you a kobo.

So your answer to these questions should guide you towards making that decision to buy or not to buy an email list.

If you choose to say yes, and buy an email list… Or already bought, sign up to my exclusive video training on ”

“Selling using Cold Email – How to Turn Skeptical cold contacts to Hot leads for your business”

Selling using Cold Email - Video training on how to turn cold prospects to leads and customers

[Video Course] – Selling using Cold Email – Discover how to turn cold prospects to leads and customers

(Note: Clicking the image will take you to the page to purchase the course FOR $50)

This is so important so that you don’t end up spending money that doesn’t add up to your bottom line and wasting your time in the process.
The video training reveals Key things you must do first with an email list you bought, so you’re able to build trust with the people on the list, move them from cold prospects to hot and happy customers who are excited to get your message and buy from you.

I will also show you how to step by step engage with the contacts in the email list so that you can draw the right targeting insights that can help you segment the list better, and send the right content to the right person per time. This allows you to give the most value to your prospects and further cement that relationship.

Also in the training, you’ll discover three different ways to use the email list to drive attention to your business without sending one single email. Especially since the open rates for this kind of emails is really poor.

Most importantly, I’ll show you how to really negotiate and verify the contacts on that list so that you can get most from the email list before you buy. That way you’re not paying for trash emails but real and valid addresses.

The video training share the best practices you should be implementing when doing email marketing
It also sheds light on the mistakes you MUST avoid with email marketing, SO YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE A CROOK OR A SPAMMER.

You can get all of these and more from the exclusive video training.
To get access to this video training… click Here.

If you got value from this post and would love access to my Gigantic library of Marketing and Business Strategies, access to ask me questions one on one or have me look at some of what you’re doing to get more customers and nurture your existing customer.. then I invite you to join my friends circle.
Register below to join.



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3 prospecting tools you need to increase sales

Category : blog , Business Growth

Your goal as a business owner is to increase sales and grow revenue and if you are in the service business prospect till you drop, fill your sales funnel with the right kind of leads.

Prospecting done right will increase sales

If your business isn’t the buying and selling type, where you have a shop or stall, located in a mall or local market and the norm for you is that customers will by themselves walk through your doors, but rather you need to research, dig out and proactively search for and seek out your potential customers then the first point of call before the active sales is something called prospecting.

Prospecting is the process of researching and digging intelligently to discover the right kind of target market that needs your service or product, the right person to talk to.

Weighing if they are the right fit could take a lot of work, next you will need to figure out how to reach them, get their contact details like phone number, email, website address, arrange a meeting, and then move ahead to sell to them.

The process of prospecting can take a long time, it could be a pain in itself. If the quality of the people you’re researching are not the decision makers in the right organization then you will be wasting your time.

If your prospecting stage is filled with quality leads then you have the opportunity to convert a percentage of that to paying customers.

To help you speedy the process and at the same time get targeted results, I’ve put together the top 3 tools I use daily in my business.

I recommend them because they’ve helped me save time in my work and as simple of common as it may sound, you won’t believe the number of people out there who are still doing the work manually.

It’s time to stop and get serious.

So here goes:

Tool 3: SalesLoft Prospector

The first time I got to know this tool, it was like heaven on earth. Research that would typically took over 6 hours began to take 10 minutes. I was awe struck. And I was in love too.

This is the way it works: when seeking a direct contact in a company, all you need is type in the person role/position and company name, like Marketing manager, Skye Bank. SalesLoft will dig from public information on the interwebs and deliver to you names, likely emails and phone numbers of the searched term.

Want to watch a walk through video tutorial of how I prospect using these tools? Sign up for Buzz Academy

You have to do your due diligence to vet the emails and phone numbers, but it’s cut your search by over 80%

Although this is not a free tool. It’s worth every penny, you have access to get up to 10 leads for a month on the free version.

Tool 2: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Now you have a bunch of contacts. How do you manage communication with them all? How do you track all your conversations, follow up tasks, etc? It can get really messy if you’re still using the good old pen and paper or a spreadsheet.

This is where a Customer Relationship Management tool comes handy.

Customer Relationship Management, CRM for short is the power engine that helps you manage the contacts and communication flow between yourself and your leads.

Now choosing a CRM can be tricky. I find that no one tool out there has all the answers. Some have features others don’t have and in my business I’ve tried and tested lots of them, I settle with the one I know will give me the best benefits. Your option for choosing any CRM is should be based on the needs of the business and if the CRM can help deliver that.

In my business have found these CRM’s really helpful, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, and RadiumCRM. These CRM’s have both paid and free versions. So knock yourself out.

Tool 1: LinkedIn

If you do B2B, which means your business sells services or products to other businesses not consumers, then one of your important ally should be LinkedIn the social network for professionals.

LinkedIn boasts of the highest number of business executives who use the site to network for business reasons unlike other social media sites.

I won’t reiterate here the number and size of the social network but the key takeaway here is if you have a set it and forget kind of LinkedIn profile it’s time to revisit and seek expert help on how to utilize the platform to positively build your business. This isn’t a call to spam… Respect the users on the site and respect the connections you have. If you give enough value and show forth that you genuinely know your business and help others, sooner than you think, your connections will turn to customers.

I mentioned earlier that you need to do your due diligence to validate the results Salesloft gives you, well this is what LinkedIn is for, among others.

I typically use LinkedIn to validate who am supposed to be talking to in an organization, their name and position. Let’s take for example, you supply office equipment to other businesses. You should have determined who the right contact should be in a given company, that makes the decision on who buys what and how much is spent to buy what. Now LinkedIn which is a great search engine, will help you determine who exactly that fellow is. So you’re not calling up a company out of the blue and saying to the other person “please could I speak with someone in charge of purchasing and supply or marketing or managing director” Doing your homework helps you get in the front door faster and better than you think.

with these prospecting tools, your task to increase sales is definitely made easier. I wouldn’t think of a day without these prospecting tools in my sales toolbox.

Now what tools are you using in your business to increase sales. Share them in the comments below.

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How to ensure your website security

Category : Marketing tips

This is my answer to the question: Should I worry about my website security?

1- The security of your website is important

2- Use security plugins to keep security threats and hackers away

3- Some of them include IThemes, WordFence and Securi.

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How to drive Facebook ads beyond Facebook Likes

Category : Marketing tips

This is my answer to the question Should you be paying ads for likes on Facebook?

1- The value on likes must be beyond just likes

2- Social is about relationship and engagement

3- Use social to build the know, like and trust factor

4- Get more value from Facebook beyond likes
E.g Send people to your offer, content etc.

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How to win as an entrepreneur

Category : Marketing tips

This is my answer to the question: what are those things that has worked for you so far as an entrepreneur?

1- Being true to the Business Vision and myself

2- Constantly improving and getting ahead of the Market place

3- Don’t compete but contrast.

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How to implement Facebook ads

Category : Marketing tips

Watch this video tutorial to see how I Walk you through the steps.

Steps to make a Facebook Ad

1- Click on Facebook Ads manager

2- Streamline your reach to reach targeted audience based on custom audience, interest and behavior.

3- Choose your budget

4- Select the days you want your ad to run

5- Select one of the pages you desire your Ad to run

6- Create your Ad copy and image

7- Preview how it renders

8- Click on review order. It will give you a summary of what you have inputted

9- When you are satisfied click on place order.

10- Facebook reviews your Ad and approves it if it agrees with their advertising policies, terms and conditions

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3 ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies

3 ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies

In one of my posts I shared how you must have some questions answered when designing a website, whether you’re designing it yourself that is you choose to be a (DIY) do-it-yourself entrepreneur or you outsource it to a website designer the main goal is that your website is fit and functional to convey the right message to your audience. Having done that, the next thing to focus on would be how to increase traffic to your website.
In this post I will strategically look at three ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies.

SEO in this case means search engine optimization. It’s the buzz word for simply saying how to improve your site so that it shows up in search results when someone types in a word or phrase called keywords into a search engine.

Why do you want the possibility of showing up in search?
The reason is this: when someone is really seeking answers to solve a need. They go to the search engines for results. They click on the websites and links that show up there and if your website happens to be one of the results you can be sure that’s free traffic for you, and a potential prospect and loyal customer.

To begin this, first we need to determine what core factors really go into determining whether your site shows up in the search engines or not.

And these are three important factors… miss them and miss the search engines altogether.

One: is your site mobile friendly?
Having a mobile responsive site is no longer an option.

In 2013, I told a number of entrepreneurs how important it is to have their business be mobile responsive that from my research both online and offline, more and more people are browsing the Internet with their mobile phone. But you know in Nigeria, things don’t catch up until it has become very popular.

Now though, Google the owner of the biggest search engine has released a report that say by April 21, 2015 websites that are not mobile optimized will not show up in search. They are making it a big deal, a major factor to determine who ranks on the search engines and who don’t.

Now what does that say to you?

That in order to make sure you get some Google love, your website must be mobile optimized.
Please note that when I say mobile friendly, mobile responsive and mobile optimized they all mean the same thing. Which is your site can be viewed by anyone with any devices, shape and size without having to zoom, pinch and have a terrible experience on your site because they are accessing it with their mobile phone, tablets, etc.
That is one sure way to increase traffic to your website.

The other factor that determines your website fate on the search engines is very clear, your website speed.
How long it takes for your website to load within a browser.

For those of you who outsource to a website designer, did you even think along these lines?All you check is “is my website beautiful?”

A beautiful website take takes too long to load in a browser is a No – No.
You need to do more than just beauty. Your website must have speed.

So your website page speed is really critical.
To help you determine whether your website fits all these criteria, I created a video tutorial that show you what online tools to use to discover your website page speed and mobile responsiveness.
Click here to go to the video tutorial

Now let’s talk about the last but not the least determining factor for some search engine optimization.
Content plus content plus contentious content, plus content, plus content, if you’re still reading this hope you don’t get tongue twisted.

So many websites out there were built to be forgotten.
The owner just had it set up because it seemed to be the right thing to do. They have no idea how that website could help with their marketing.
It maybe that they don’t even login to the site to add fresh content regularly.

If that is you, that should change after reading this.
You need to constantly nourish your site with fresh, dynamic, valuable content.

That is why I always advocate using the WordPress content management system when setting up your site. Because with minimum help you can figure out how to login into the site, create fresh content that are blog posts and articles, videos, podcasts etc.
With a WordPress site you can have both a website and a blog.

You may ask, what exactly do I mean by content.
Content that helps your potential customer.
Content that helps them make a decision while contemplating what service or product to use.
Content so helpful and valuable.

If you’re reading this, you have before you a perfect example of that.
You may be interested in growing your business online and I’ve delivered content that can show you how to achieve that. For one way to grow your business online is to show up in search engine result which is called search engine optimization.
I have gone ahead to show you three important determining factors which if not taking into use, just forget about search engine traffic.
Now, am walking the talk. Not just telling you how am an awesome website designer or online marketing strategist or digital consultant and all those bla…bla…bla…

Without collecting any money am showing you what to do.
You may say won’t my competition copy me?
If your competition copies you then we know who is the boss.

So in summary, three ways to increase traffic to your site with SEO strategies are:
One: make sure your website is mobile friendly
Two: make sure your website speed is faster than the speed of light. That means your site loads pretty fast.
Three: make sure you share tons and tons of valuable content for your audience and website visitors.

If you’re wondering how can you create content or understand what type of content you should be creating then hit me up. Schedule a one on one digital strategy session with me using this link here.

We will have a chance to talk over Skype or using my online meeting software if you don’t have Skype for 20 minutes where I will provide you with key insights and directions on what to do to set off creating content for your website.
So go right ahead, click on this link, to schedule a day and time with me.

If all of these sounds good to you yet you know you need more help to really understand how to use the Internet to really grow your business.
Then you need hands on training with me.
I ask that you sign up for BUZZ HQ, it’s my online training membership site where I’ve created videos, audio, PDF guides and worksheets, coaching via seminars and bootcamps that will dive deeper into what you can do to grow your business online.

This is beyond just having a website, having a blog, SEO and social media. This is real stuff.
Deeper stuff that no other person in this digital space in Nigeria would tell you.
I am not bloating or being proud when I say that. I know this categorically.

So sign up for BUZZ HQ, which is wait listed.
When we open up doors to new members you will be notified.

Enter Your Name and Email to Sign Up.

Get an Invite to BUZZ HQ

Buzz HQ is a Monthly membership site where you have access to training videos, tutorials and one on one coaching that would help grow your business

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

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5 questions you must ask before you hire a website designer

5 questions you must ask before you hire a website designer

Are you a business owner and you realize the importance of having an online presence?
Do you desire to have a website that can represent your business well online?
Are you wondering what exactly should your website project for your business and brand?
Are you looking out to hire a website designer to build your website?

In this post, you will discover five important questions you need to ask him or her to identify if they are the right fit.
Because your business website is not just an isolated part of your business, in many case, it is your business forerunner, the canvasser of your brand.
It’s what most people will see first before they meet you or pick up a phone to call you.

Therefore it’s important that your website delivers the right business goals and objectives you’re aiming for and your ability to understand what these things are would help you when you need to hire a website designer.
Your goal is to make sure you communicate these needs to the website designer so you both can be on the same plate before the contract even begins.

What I’ve found business owners ask is “send me portfolios or examples of your past work?
Wow… just that?
A portfolio of past websites don’t represent much. It only says enough of what that site and that client wants.
And besides you will only be looking at it based on outer design. The physical look so to speak, which would not in any way prepare you in the building of your own business website based on your own unique need, business goals and marketing objectives, more so, the very core things a website should have.

So bust the portfolio thing! Why?
That a website designer builds beautiful websites that look good on the outer part doesn’t mean they’re taking due diligence on other key parts of a website that’s even far more important as you would soon find out.

So what are the five questions you must ask before you hire a website designer?

First, what content management system are you going to build my website on?
Your goal here should be to identify what platform the website designer will implement to design your website.

Why do you want to know this?
For two reasons, will you love to be able to manage this site by yourself or someone on your team aside the designer?
Is the contract with the website designer on a retainer basis?

If the answer to the first question is a yes, and the second a no, then you don’t want to have the designer build your website using platforms that can only be understood by programming and coding gurus.

Because it’s likely you know nothing about online languages, coding, HTML, CSS, and other programming jargon and you don’t want to mess with that, rather you want to focus on your business, you want to be able to manage the minimum parts of it to reduce the cost of keeping a designer on retainer.

So, the answer you should be looking out for is this: a content management system like WordPress.
Why because it grants you access to login in to the back end and manage your site yourself or by someone on your team.

A website is not a build and forget property, there would be need to constantly update and put out fresh content especially since a blog can live on the website built with WordPress, you want to make sure there is constant fresh content on your site. This not only helps your brand, it also helps your website appear on the first page on search engines like Google. The jargon word for that is search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

Number two, “how can we measure website performance like site traffic and visitors’ behavior?”
The answer you should get should sound in some way like this:
“I’m going to implement or install an analytics tool within your site to help you measure and analyze your website performance”
A free tool that can be used to achieve that is Google Analytics, it’s free but it’s worth it’s weight in gold and of course it measures beyond site traffic and visitors behavior. It can measure conversions based on how you set them up.

Third question is “How will you make my website mobile responsive?”
Don’t get put off by that word responsive, what it only means is how will someone on a mobile phone access your website and have same clean experience like someone on a laptop or desktop?

If you didn’t know this, it’s important your website is accessible to mobile phone users and the experience they have counts.
I said this over two years ago that mobile is taking center stage.
Not much business owners cared. Now the almighty Google has made it a critical factor in ranking websites.

With the report released recently, Google says that if your website is not great on mobile devices, it won’t be featured on the search engine. So if you want your website to be among the top results on Google first page in the search engine, you must take mobile responsiveness “mega” seriously.

So what response should you get to that question? Don’t try to get a response.
He or she may tell you a bunch of stuff, but don’t take their word for it.
Remember the portfolio and example of websites you’ve done question that business owners are fond of asking which I mentioned earlier, now is the time to put that to valuable use.

With your mobile device, iPad, iPhone, Android, whatever… check out one of those sites with your mobile browser. If the person has no previous work, go ahead and check their sites.

What experience do you have?
Do you have to zoom and pinch with your fingers to get the information you would need if you were a customer checking out that site?
Would you like visitors on your site to have such experience?
That is your answer right there.

Share a tool, that can be used to test mobile responsiveness of a website for YouTube video.

Fourth question, ” how do you make sure my website is in the least bit secured and prevented from malicious hacks or loss?”

Now, please note that you may not be able to 100% prevent a site from terrible hacking technologies and hackers out there, but you can do the very best based on your resources to ensure preventable occurrences are stopped or nipped in the bud.
You see, in the question I said “in the least bit secured”

You need to take the your website security very seriously, this is your data, your business, your world and if you run an eCommerce business anything that could go wrong with your could hamper your business.
Even for your host server to go down, that affects too.

So be mindful of your website security, don’t say, you’re not a big brand like Sony and Target that we hear most of the time being hacked.

When you see such malicious attack on a huge brand, that should spark up your concern for small businesses without so much resources compared to what those big brands can pull, and if they can hit them, how much more you.

So in the least bit you need to make sure when you hire a website designer, he or she can clearly tell you the various website security measures put in place.

If your website is built on the WordPress CMS, there are pretty good plugins that you can install to help secure your site at least from suspected logins and attacks.
Ithemes WordPress plugin is a popular one I use.

Finally, the fifth question. “What is the monetization funnel like?” Simple English: ” how do you monetize your site?
How do you move visitors to becoming paying customers?
How do you set up engagement touch points and channels within your site to make sure that making money from your site happens?”
Am not just talking about accepting money via your site through a merchant account.

Now, I don’t expect a web designer to give you this, if he talks off with all kinds of blah, blah blah, watch out. A lot of web designers out there are now parading themselves as glorified online marketing companies, or digital marketing companies.

Creating a monetization funnel is not a one off approach, and a web designer can’t figure that out for you.
You need a qualified digital marketing strategist.
Because it entails strategic marketing communication propelled via different online channels like email marketing, social media, Public Relations, customer relationship management and driven by the principles of lifecycle marketing and automation.

Now don’t get too confused, it starts step by step.
If you want to put together the right strategy that fires your monetization funnel, let’s talk. CLICK HERE to schedule a 20 minutes call with me where I can better understand your business and provide you with a clear road map on implementation of your marketing strategy. On the page you will see the times am available for a one on one strategy call, choose one and I will be notified. We will talk via Skype or my other online meeting app. You don’t need to worry about having Skype.


I also invite you to join BUZZ HQ: Buzz Headquarters is the online learning community for modern entrepreneurs who want to know what works to grow their business using online strategies, tools and platforms.

As a BUZZ HQ member, you will have access to video tutorials, PDF materials, workbooks, guides and plans to help you understand how to identify your niche, your audience, your message and how to turn all these communication to engage your potential customers with automation marketing tools and platforms.

You will also be part of a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs who are learning and implementing in their business too.
These are people who support one another as they build their business together.

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How to make more money online with your website

How to make more money online with your website

Discovering how to make more money online with your website starts with generating traffic, capturing the traffic, that is your visitors’ interest and turning them into leads.

Leads are potential customers clients or prospects. Without leads you have no hope for bring in customers.

In this post, I will share with you the three tools that will help you make more money from your website.

These amazing tools brought to you by Sumome and they take less than an hour to set up.

If you didn’t know this; your website should be a source of effective lead generation for you. The truth is when people get to visit your site not everyone will be ready to buy. Some may just be thinking about it and some might be looking for a solution for some time down the road.

How do you make sure your website captures the details of all these individuals at their varying degree of interest like we say in marketing at their different stages of the sales funnel?

That can be done through a valuable exchange. An exchange where you deliver something that ultimately would only cost them their email address. But it’s something so valuable that they will be willing to give up their email and also agree to continually be kept in the know through future mailings about your offerings or whatever information may help them in their purchasing decision.

So how do you make more money online with your website with the Sumome Apps?

A couple of tools in the Sumome apps will help you achieve this.

The first I want to talk about is the list builder.

The list builder app is a pop up/pop over tool that over time helps garner more subscribers to your list.

It pops over your page and gives the visitor an opportunity to subscribe to your valuable offer.

Setting up this tool will only take about 10 minutes or less. What you must know is that you are presently your most valuable offer.

An offer in the form of an ebook, Mp3, video, webinars, eCourse or even a one on one coaching session.

The goal is to make the offer so irresistible that your web visitors can’t refuse.

The best time to use a pop over is when you have allowed your visitors some time to take in what your website is all about. This could be a ninety second to 120 seconds mark as opposed to showing it to them as soon as your web page loads.

Going with the latter from my experience will only annoy more visitors and have them close it or click away from your site.

The second tool is the Smart bar:

The smart bar is an horizontal bar that sits on top of your web page. The advantage this tool has is the options of where it can appear. It could scroll along with the visitor, or stay static on top of page. It could also hide while the visitor scrolls down and show again when they scroll up it all depeds on how you set it up within the settings page. You can also A/B test various positions and se what works best in generationg leads. In every case it remains above the fold and has a tendency to get the attention of your visitors. You can track how many clicks and subscribers it gets within the app. You also have the option to export to your favourite email marketing tool. So cool.

The third tool is the scroll box: this is one of my favorites of the Sumome Apps.

The scroll box is designed to creep in from the corner of your site without the annoying effect a pop up could have for some visitors and it only shows up when the visitor has scrolled your page to a certain percentage that you indicated within the settings of the app. Because of its unique position it relatively gets attention of web visitors that’s why a ton of renown blogs are using the scroll box.

You may have fallen in love with all three of these apps and may be in a dilemma on which one of these to incorporate on your site. Well I’d say, why choose one. Go with all three. Use them to promote multiple offers on your webpage. Remember these apps will help your lead generation and increase your email list. Set them so they lead to different offers. The more the merrier.

Like I have done on my website: The smart bar leads to my online membership site for business owners who want to discover what online marketing strategies they can implement to 2x their business revenue. The scroll box is for registrations to my weekly webinars. The list builder offers my “Social Media Game Over” eBook. Moving past the hype and noise into a world of relevance and utility.

So does this in anyway inspire you? Do you feel like you know how to really position your website to generate more leads and have the opportunity to nurture that relationship till your website visitors become a paying customer?

If you have any question or comments please leave them in the comments below.

It’s your turn!

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Podcasting in Nigeria - How to Start a podcast

Podcasting in Nigeria

As shared on the Podcast School blog on “How to Start and Launch Your Podcast”

  • Have you got a message you want to share with the world?
  • Do you feel a desire to host a radio show or Television show?
    but the huge cost discourages you?
  • Do you have a business and would like to promote it to a global audience?
  • Do you want to share your expertise, knowledge, experience and wisdom to help others?
  • Do you want to position your personal brand differently from others?

Now you can do it! Without the huge budget, censorship or chasing sponsors.

Start Your Podcast!

Although Podcasting in Nigeria is relatively new, so many people are yet to fully grasp the full

extent to the amazing the opportunities buried in it.

You don’t have to be Dr Phil to get an interview with Oprah
You don’t have to be Mo’ Abudu to setup your own African Black Entertainment Channel,
You don’t have to be Ben Bruce to Have Your Own Home Grown Cinema

Listen, You don’t have to be all these people to kick start your life, share your message, touch lives and be fulfilled and happy.

Because you can have your own global on demand Radio show also called a Podcast.
You can start now, in your kitchen, office, home, farm (as long as you can make your animals keep quiet while you record :) :) …the bottom line is wherever you have a computer and an internet access.

Launching your own podcast, also known as on-demand radio show can be the most rewarding, fulfilling experience both as a hobby or a full time business or ministry tool.

The challenge for most is how to start one that will rock, and stand out among the crowd at the same time position you as an authority and lending credibility to your voice.


Starting a podcast has a lot of advantages; it’s inexpensive, easy to set up, profitable and a whole others.

But before you jump on the band wagon, Can you answer some of these questions?

Do you know how to start a Podcast that Rocks!
Do you know what equipment to use?
Do you know where to host your show for maximum publicity?
Do you know how to engage your audience to keep them coming back?

These are some of the questions you must answer if you must launch a successful Podcast.
If you just jump on it, you will stumble and make “unnecessary” mistakes.

Avoid the mistakes by downloading your copy of the eBook

“Steps To Podcasting”
It is a Guide on Podcasting for Those Who Want to Launch Their Podcast and Stand out from the Crowd.

You will discover step by step guidelines you need to take into consideration before you launch your podcast show, during your show and after your show.

Save yourself a ton of work.
Get the eBook now… While it’s F/R/E/E

Visit the Podcast School by clicking here

Am offering the eBook free for a period of time, so use the discount code save10 at checkout.

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