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how to grow your business online

How to grow your business online

I get this question a lot.
Ifeoma, how do I grow my business online?
Most of the time I do reply with, what do you currently do online,
I get responses like, I have a blog, a website, I post on Facebook,
I post on Nigeria classified sites.

That seem to be all, yet it may not be driving the kind of traction they had hoped for or need.

The fact is in an attempt to answer that question, any one who says to you in order to grow your business online you need a website, a Facebook page, and list an itinerary of things you need, such person haven’t really done justice to that question.
Because the truth of the matter is, those things don’t grow a business online.

Before you roll your eyeballs, I’ll explain.

First to answer the question, how to grow your business online.
You need a turn key life cycle marketing strategy.

Is a website important… Yes,
Is a blog important, yes,
Is a Facebook page or other type of social media important? Affirmative…yes!

Yes they may be the clear path to follow in building an online presence but not how to grow your business online.

But they all must work coherently not as a stand alone, dispersed platform.
They all must work intelligently together in tandem, supporting one another and pulling your prospects through their customer journey with you from the point of “hey, who is this?” to the point of ” oh, am a satisfied, singing your praise customer.”

All of those platforms, there are more as well, are touch points.
They are like the stall or shop you have in a local market.

Let’s say for example, you own a shop in Lagos market, or Aba market or Kano market where a large crowd throngs the market daily.

Let’s guesstimate that over 20, 000 eager to buy people walks past your shop every day but never stops to check out what you got, despite the foot traffic and your shop being in the market are you going to make any sale?
The answer is none at all.
Similarly, that you have a website, blog, social media account doesn’t make for the millions of Internet users to leave whatever they are doing in a whim, check you out and bring out their wallets.
With the level of competition having those platforms is no longer novel. You don’t do anything special to have those things. Those things have become the basic for every business.

Now the differentiation is how you separate yourself from the crowd. And there comes in the turn key life cycle marketing strategy I talked about.

It’s turn key because it can be easily repeatable,
It’s life cycle because it’s automated to carry your prospects through a properly defined biz objectives and outcome in their purchasing journey with you. From attraction, to engagement, to conversion to nurturing…

It’s a strategy because you must start with the end goal in mind and work your way back to the beginning

You must develop a cohesive strategy that takes every visitor who comes on your site through engagement and nurturing which will help boost your long term profits.

If what you currently do is post whatever wherever, hardly update your website or blog, then you’re not working the turn key life cycle marketing strategy.

That is merely the touch and go method which doesn’t provide ultimate benefits at the end of the day.

Now this is where the challenge lies for business owners, the ability to fully grasp what it will take and to commit to it enough to see results.
Whatever business outcome you want to generate online, don’t happen overnight as some may make you believe in their hype messages.

It takes extreme level of commitment of time, resources and the know how to deliver business growth online.

If you need to learn more about the turn key life cycle marketing strategy and how to implement it in your business, sign up for the forth coming webinar.

Building your business online – the turnkey marketing system..

In this webinar, I will show you what to put in place even before designing your website,
How to leverage online platforms and channels for sustained growth.

How to keep website visitors interested in your products and services.

If building a sustainable online growth is what you really desire, then this training is for you.

Sign up now, it’s free
Go here now to sign up.
See you on the webinar.

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How to drive engagement on Facebook

How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands

How do you drive engagement on Facebook? With Facebook organic reach dwindling every day, it means if you must use the platform, you got to get serious! the days of setup, post sporadically and forget is over.
To achieve this, you need to understand the different strategies that work.

For this reason, I went on a mouse search to find top businesses that use Facebook pages to connect with their audience at the same time does some advertising spend.

As Valentine’s day was just few days away, it is in order to see what Nigerian brands… the likes of
Konga, Jumia, Daviva Fabric, Paporte, Wedding Digest Nigeria and more.

As we look at the various posts they made on Valentine’s day. We will reveal some key tips that you will learn
from these pages.

Catch the tips in this video or scroll down the page to read a text summary of the tips I shared.


Tip 1: Make posts that stir the emotions.
Emotions is a powerful thing. It causes us a to feel and think. It influences us.

When you make your posts, ensure that it touches the emotions. Payporte Facebook page was a perfect example.

Tip 2: Can you imagine how Wedding Digest Nigeria, flowed on Valentine’s day? They flipped the coin.
They thought outside the box. Showed off two beautiful twin babies…. This was the post with the most engagement.
Many times you don’t have to follow what the crowd does. Stir your own course.
Tip 3: Konga Nigeria knows what branding looks like and feels like. In terms of understanding their brand identity they got that to the bank.

They made a custom graphic, you can’t beat having a fun valentine day without a date with your loved one.

Anyone can relate with that, and with the visual power of the graphic, I say this was a good engaging post.

Tip 4: Don’t make it about Sales! Sales! Sales!
If you must connect with your audience you must provide value beyond just asking for a sale. Pages who makes it
all about a sale in this new dispensation of Facebook organic reach, it would be difficult to manage an active page without some value.
Tip 5: Don’t stop enagaging…
A lack of engagement with your fans may prove two things which is either the company no longer exists or there is
no strategy backing the social media presence.

Remember this: Facebook and social media, isn’t just about the sales. The ROI of social media extends to activating
your brand reach, your brand awareness… making sure you are top of mind always.

When this is the case overtime it helps the user in their journey as they make buying decision.
Keep at it. Don’t stop!

That’s How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands.

You want more ways to drive engagement on Facebook? Then get the e-course on Five types of post to share on social media to keep fans coming back. Sign Up with the form below for instant access.

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email marketing mistakes Nigerian businesses make - Marketingkisspr.com

Six bad email marketing examples Nigerian businesses make

It’s would become part of my blogging schedule [Watch out for it every Wednesday] to spotlight local businesses either rocking it or doing it wrong with new media channels, platforms and strategies. Please note that this isn’t to spite anyone but to embrace the culture of best practices when it comes to online sales strategy and digital marketing.

Apologies first because am going to name call in these series of blog posts any company that’s given me a first-hand experience when it comes to utilizing online channels and platforms for business.

Quite a number of businesses are waking up to the possibilities of promoting their brand using online marketing. Part of doing that successfully is to understand the best practices so you don’t rub elbows against anyone or go against the set practices of global Internet safety.

This ideal of running your online marketing backed with best practices stands you out from the spammer, scammers, and fraudsters out there who don’t give a hoot.
You are building a business, a brand and for longevity sake you got to do what’s right. I hope with this post I guide local businesses and of course you my readers further on that path.

In the case of email marketing I keep seeing these mistakes hit my inbox and it gets them nothing but a quick unsubscribe and if that were possible with an email or phone call from me, pointing it out.

My goal with this is not to vent but to provide insight to email marketing best practices as earlier said.

So what is the six bad email marketing examples Nigerian businesses make.

1. Don’t get permission

Example one and two ties into one… Where companies don’t get permissions from their subscribers, these are emails of people they amassed over time or bought, or harvested with scraping software.

Nigeria is still in the very beginnings of understanding how Internet marketing really works and what best practices they should adopt.
Having said that though, you shouldn’t email people who have not expressly given you permission to.

How do you get permission?
Simple: through an optin page. Here is a screenshot of how that works on my blog and website.

Visitors are given a chance to  Optin with this Form at the Footer section of my Website

Visitors are given a chance to Optin with this Form at the Footer section of my Website

I provide value t to visitors who optin freely with the Optin  form at the sidebar of my blog.

I provide value t to visitors who opt-in freely with the opt-in form at the sidebar of my blog.




Whoever is subscribing to your email list should have an understanding of how they will receive emails from you and what you do with their email.
Majority of companies fall into this category but I hope that with this info you would change how you pull people into your email list.

“Sobolation”; a gossip blog  did this as well.

Please desist from using email harvesting tools or whatever form of email list that someone may have sold to you.

2. Unresponsive to their contact message, but then forces the subscriber into their mailing list

Although, this ties into not getting permission, it’s worse.
Can you imagine emailing a company with some inquiries I had.

After a lot of time had passed, and I mean days leading to weeks they provided no response to that inquiry but then included my email address began to send email updates, newsletter about their company. That’s so gross.
Computer Warehouse did that and here is a screen shot of my response email to them.

My mail to Computer Warehouse Group Pointing out the email marketing blunder!

Don't do this, your goal with email marketing is to communicate with those who want to learn more about you.
Yes email is a powerful tool but you can just become a nuisance in peoples’ inbox if not properly done.

3. Use a service like Gmail and bcc others.

When running email marketing as a marketing tool. The golden rule is to have a third party site manage the process for you.
If you're sending bulk emails to supposed customers via your Gmail or Yahoo mail address and bcc everyone else, then you're doing this wrong.

Companies that I've found doing this include Hexavia...

Bcc'ing your subscribers is not professional and doesn't include a one click unsubscribe button

I've had a phone conversation with their the Lead strategist hopefully they understand the need to change this.
So, why is using Gmail or yahoo mail to send bulk email massages not a good idea?
For one it’s just unprofessional more so, next point shows why.

4. Difficult to unsubscribe.

Being on your email list is not a life sentence. A healthy email marketing campaign is not to force people against their will to be pulled into it as earlier pointed out and also is not to have them bound to you against their will to remain part of it.

Make it easy to have whoever doesn't want to receive emails from you anymore unsubscribe. Within every email you send you should point this out.
The unsubscribe link should be visible and lead to a page they can easily sign out of receiving further correspondence with you.

This is not really a bad thing. Rather it ensures that those who choose to get your mails do so by choice. It makes your email list filled with enthusiastic, willing people who care enough to listen to what you have to say. No doubt you get better result this way.

Long lengthy epistles with too many pictures that infringe on copyright.

The email you send to customers is not a sermon paper, not an epistle and not also a lecture. Most responsive emails are short, straight to the point and gets the individual to the next step.
So do away with those lengthy lecture notes....

At first sight seeing a lengthy email just puts people off, they go "ah! This is going to take time" so they click away but a rather short, straight to the point mail can be easily read, skimmed and your audience knows exactly what you want them to do next.

Ensure also that you use pictures you got the rights to.
No Internet downloading please... There are free software’s that can help you create your own stunning photos. Or sites that also offer license photos for free or on a dime.

Hexavia does this a lot as seen in the picture above. But I don't want to rub it in. 🙂

5. Attempt to share news going around in local media.

Please, again I say please.... You're not a local news station. So don't try to be one.
What the heck! If you think to remain top of mind to your subscribers is to give them a rundown of local news; the happenings in politics as already covered by the local newspaper and media houses you're wasting your time. You've missed the true meaning of email marketing powered by valuable content marketing.

Boss offices did this and my God, did I let them know.

Don't Share Local News especially if it's not related to your business content.

Don't Share Local News especially if it's not related to your business content.

You shouldn't do this except you're a media house sending email updates to your subscribers but if your business isn't related to news information please kindly steer clear.

The reason is, you can never be the prime source of news.
People know where they get their news first hand. Television, radio Stations, print Newspapers, Facebook or Twitter... Are channels people get their news from, they would never expect to wait till your newsletter hit their inbox to get relevant info about what's happening around them. The negative impact of this is that you will drastically reduce your open rates. (More and more people won't open your emails) because they don't want to read a repeat of what they read in Punch days ago.

6. Not mobile optimized

I can't say enough of this. Every platform you host online should be mobile optimized. Why is this so?
Do you have a smart phone? Or at least do you have a phone that browses the web. Do you go check your mail, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn on your mobile device?

That's your answer.

People are on different screens these days. Am writing this post with my iPad, checking my mails on my Android phone and monitoring my website on my laptop. This is not exclusive to me, a lot of people do it.

Different devices, different screens, that's the world we live in today.
So the idea is to make sure your email is readable no matter what device the person is on.
Using a third party email service and one column template helps you achieve this.

I hope with this post on the six bad email marketing examples Nigerian businesses make, I have been able to move the needle for someone to do it right, in a more excellent way.

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of these? You wonder how you can implement it all for your business? No need for worries.
Have a 20 minutes chat with me to understand how you can utilize this and other online platforms the right way and get results.
Go here to schedule the consultation call with me now. calendly.com/ifeomailloh/omsc

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Benefits of having a social media presence

You may ask? Is social media important for my business?

My answer is YES! In capital letters.

The mistake a lot of people make is to always think in terms of the money first when using social media or any other online platform to promote business objectives.

You would be quickly disappointed if that’s your only goal for using social media.
The benefits of having a social media presence to your business can’t be quantified.

This is why I’ve written this post. So without further Ado, let’s dig deeper.

  • Having an active social media presence creates an air of credibility…

Do you know that your social media presence if powered by relevant and vital content within your industry sets you apart the many making a ton of noise out there. Because you wouldn’t know when someone decides to search for solutions/products/services around what you offer.
A Facebook, Google Plus page or twitter account that shows up when they need more information enforces that you are in business for real and maybe smarter or better than the competition.

The opposite is also true.
When you create accounts on those social media sites and don’t maintain an active presence, it can hurt your business.
There are so many abandoned Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
This sends the wrong message. It could mean that you are no longer in business. As was the case when I tried reaching a business that provided some service for my company.

Don’t ever forget that if people can view your business online as credible, that’s a powerful positive reputation.

In business reputation makes all the difference to build it takes a lifetime, to destroy it takes a moment.
So you got to be mindful, yes you should have a social media presence, but make sure it’s actively managed and maintained.

  • An active social media presence helps you establish thought leadership.

In this world of stiff competition, your only differentiation is your thought leadership.
You have seen this play out on Television talk shows. When they need to discuss a subject matter, they literally go in search of someone who is an expert in that field and everyone accepts whatever the fellow says as “truth” regarding that field because he/she is considered to be the authority in that field.
Likewise, you need to stand out in whatever field you operate in and position yourself as an authority.

This doesn’t happen overnight, so the earlier you start, the better.
Share your expertise and knowledge via various resources and materials like audio training, or podcast, video, blogs, e-book etc. that enlightens your customer base.

Want to get started in becoming an expert in your field, Let’s discuss your options. Schedule a consultation call with me here or click on this link http://www.calendly.com/ifeomailloh/omsc

When you empower others with information they may not find elsewhere, it sets you apart. Before long you’ll start gaining referrals from people you having met but have read, watched or listen to your content.

  •  Number three benefit of having a social media presence are the low cost of advertising relative to other media, the growing potential fan base, and the ability to engage fans more thoroughly than with non-interactive ‘old media.
    Imagine you can relate directly with your customers when you’re launching a new product or service, hired new key employers without the hassle of organizing a press conference or sending out a press release in the traditional way just by a tweet or a status update.  Although, large companies may not be able to totally rule out those traditional options but as a micro business, with a limited marketing budget how crucial is it then to manage a vibrant social media presence.
  • Number four: Research! Research! Research!

You may wonder why it sounds like am emphasizing that point… Yes I am.
How time wasting and frustrating when you come up with a solution, product and /or service your market shuns.
You shouldn’t go through all that as social media is right there for you to ask anything!

Canva uses Facebook for customer survey for improved product development

Canva uses Facebook for customer survey for improved product development

You may ask, what if I don’t have a large following. Well for those who don’t have a considerable amount of followers yet, social media can also be useful. Your kind of research will then be the one I’ve called the O.P.A Principle.
It just means that you use other people’s audience. There a=is a strategy around this though.

I coined this word because I’ve observed that if micro business owners are engaging enough in the right places, there is just enough information already put out that you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Does any of these benefits interest you? Would you like to build authority and gain influence over the competition in your business? Register to receive my latest course on the "Five Social Media Posts that Attracts, Engage and Keep your Fans Coming for More!"

Register here Now.

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Five principles to become a stand out success

Five principles to become a stand out success

I recently had a speaking engagement with young people in Secondary Schools most of whom were in their teens.

It was paramount they understood how tech and the world is changing as they will be choosing their careers.
So, the topic I felt would drive home the point was  “Five principles to become a stand out success”.

These points can benefit anyone. It’s all about understanding your choices, preparing for it and making the shift.

So, here are the five principles to become a stand out success:

1. The principle of goal setting. (You should have short term and long term goals.) the need for goal setting extends beyond passing your next exams.
Work hard towards their achievements as a goal in your head will never come through

2. Think outside the box. A box is anything that confines or limits you. Don’t let your environment make you think small. Increase your knowledge, know what’s happening around the world even as it relates to your field of study or future career. Know the latest research, tools etc….

3. Tech is a serious game changer. You need to take technology seriously. Any career you are going to choose has an input of technology. Know the latest technology been used in your chosen field. Get to discover also the technology that may put your put your prospective career at risk. For example… Robots are been used now to man retail stores.

4. Use social media wisely.
Whatever you put online lives forever. The golden rule is whatever you don’t want to see on the front pages of the national daily don’t put it online. Whatever you can’t tell your grandma you did, don’t put it online.

5. You are a brand. When you are born you are given a name. As you grow, you are building a brand. A brand is a notable personality or product that needs no introduction.

Now the problem of a brand is it’s not what you say you are, it’s what others perceive of you and say you are.
This is the reason you need to be careful how you brand yourself with things you’re leaving out there in the online world.
Moreso, recruiters have found online search of their prospective job candidates helpful as a way to weed out the chaff from the wheat in the pool of resume’s they get.

Your focus on these things build success in you overtime. Work with these five principles to become a stand out success and watch yourself stand out.

Share your thoughts, What other principles or points would you advice these young people to emulate.

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how to boost sales to eCommerce store - eBook cover

How to boost sales to your eCommerce store this holiday

Category : eCommerce

Do you have an online shop or eCommerce store?
Are you looking for ways to attract more sales this holiday?

In this post I will show you simple steps on How to boost sales to your eCommerce this holiday

In 2013, it was estimated that over 2 Billion sales were made. Not throughout the whole year, but just within the black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

Amazing! Don’t you think. Now, the question is,
What have you done or are doing to ensure that in 2014 your online shop is not left out.

People are becoming more Internet savvy. Online shopping is in its ultra high. In the same vein online stores are popping up more than ever before in the virtual world.
Therefore the competition is ever increasing and you need to consciously ensure your business is always top of mind, and keep your customers returning.

What strategies can you implement to make sure you’re ready for holiday sales.
In this blog post am going share key tips that will help drive your sales through the roof.

To see it work for you, you must implement and take action.

Holiday sales tip 1:

Think mobile, mobile, mobile….

I deliberately made this the first for obvious reasons.
In 2013 over 1/4 of sales made were from mobile devices. This year it’s estimated that that number would be doubled.
More and more people are conveniently using their smartphone to shop online.
Mobile sales is fast trumping desktop sales.
You most also take note that in some climes, an individual only access to the Internet is their smartphone. Sometimes you need to think mobile only.

Holiday sales tip 2:

Use analytics history….

Checking through your analytics will tell you which of your marketing channels bring in the most traffic and the channels that convert the most traffic.
Use that information to tailor your holiday promotions. Increase your promotions on the channels that brings you the most converting customers…
Here is a typical example.: Pinterest may bring you the most traffic., but blogging may bring you the most converted traffic. These are two different things.
You can improve the conversion rates of Pinterest traffic by understanding why more of the traffic that comes on your landing page bounces.  Knowing the reason or reason why could help you improve your result.

Holiday sales tip 3:

Engage retargeting customers with content.

I’ve experienced retargeting been used on me when I visit certain sites and if you don’t know what retargeting is, it simply means when customers visit your site and don’t take the step you want them to take you follow them with ads all over the Internet; On social media, blogs and other news sites.

The best way to retarget is to retarget with content. When someone visits your site, they do so because they are in search of something. They may not be ready to buy but they seek answers. There is a high chance when you send they to a buy now sales page, they may not convert at all, but you need to ensure that you keep their interest with your business and educate them about the benefits of using your product and service.

Holiday sales tip 4:

Personalized email marketing.

This is not the time to send buy it, buy it sales messages.
Rather you need to incorporated personalization and that is beyond mentioning their name in the email.
If your customers have at anytime made a purchase, download an eBook or do whatever, use that as a spring board to craft your message.

I hope that these steps will help you improve your sales this holiday. Get your sales on turbocharge and do what’s best for your business.
Get more ideas on how to increase your sales this holiday inside this free eBook download
“How to boost sales to your eCommerce store this holiday”
This eBook will show you more ideas that I haven’t shared in this blog.


download now

how to boost sales to your eCommerce store

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how to avoid your site from been deleted like Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji Blog Deleted! How to Avoid the BIG Mistake

Category : Technology , website

Linda Ikeji Blog Deleted! How to Avoid the BIG Mistake

Did you know the popular celebrity blog LindaIkeji.blogspot.com was recently shut down for a few days by Google on grounds of plagiarism.

As one entrepreneur to another I did feel for her to see her source of income go berserk with just a click of a button, all the same so glad that she got it all figured out and came back within a short time.

That goes without saying that there are lessons to learn from this mistake and as an online business coach I want to help you see this and ensure you’re getting your blog, online presence set up the right way to avoid instances like that.

We would look at the biggest mistake you could make when building your online presence.
What it could cost you and how to rightly position your business for long term success online.

What is this BIG mistake. I see a lot of people fall into this one.

Building your presence on a borrowed domain and hosting.

What is a borrowed domain and host?

These are the common blogspot.com, wordpress.com, weebly.com etc….

when you have a website on any of these platforms you would have something like this using the Linda Ikeji’s example: www.LindaIkeji.blogspot.com
Same goes with wordpress.com (Not the dot org software) and weebly.com too
When you host your site on any of these free platforms, the content is at the mercy of the company. Whatever happens to the company or site, you have no power to control.
Just like it happened with Linda Ikeji, it could be deleted in one second. It’s entirely out of your hands.

What Is the disadvantage of this:

  • You lose your audience, these are readers of your blog and traffic to your site.
  • Lead generating opportunities. Opportunities to attract followers and clients.
  • You will lose advertisers
  • You may end up in debt due to extended contracts and agreement in fulfilling your advertising tenure or period.
  • You will also lose SEO benefits. (SEO means search engine optimization, this is the possibility for showing up in search results)
  • You could lose your entire income and business revenue.

What should you rather do?

Never, never build your blog on free sites.

Building a blog or site should be on a domain you own. For example, a domain I own would be www.illohifeoma.com rather than www.illohifeoma/blogspot.com

Some of the advantage of this is;

  • It’s all within your control
  • It’s professional
  • You have the ability to customize and brand your business right.
  • You promote entirely your own brand and not someone’s else.
  • You don’t have to fear a shut down, a fold up or whatever negative occurrence that could happen to the blog company.

Why do people opt for the free sites?

  • To save cost!

I’ve heard a few reasons why most people choose to start out using a free site and the most emphasized one is the cost of owning your own domain and running it on your own hosting plan.

As much as it would certainly cost you to buy your own domain and host your blog or site completely that cost cannot be compared to what you lose when you don’t.

If you’re in business seriously, that is just an investment you got to make.
After all, I haven’t seen anyone propose or support the idea of borrowing a phone for business. To make sure your communication line is intact, you go out there and make a phone purchase to help you facilitate better business networking. Or isn’t that the case?

Your website and blog is also a communication channel.
Do what’s right the first time. That’s the definition of excellence.

For deeper insights into how you can attract more customers with your website subscribe to the email course where I show you steps by steps how to grow your business using online tools. Click the button below to get free access.

get access now

Do you have any questions or comments regarding how not to fall victim of using free websites like Linda Ikeji recently, share them in the comments below.


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7 reasons why social media wont work for your business

7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Are Failing with Social Media

Category : Social Media

Why small businesses are failing with social media

I once had a discussion that questioned the effectiveness of social media for businesses.
It compared the numbers of high paying clients business owners have gained through their social media efforts.
It contrasted the volume of turnover any business may have gained via their social platforms.

But it forgot the bigger question, how effectively is social media been used?

With the sheer amount of abandoned Facebook pages…. Conversely the sheer amount of page invites have received.
I begin to question, do business owners really know what to do I with this platforms, do they have a well grounded social marketing objective that would help to gain the maximum benefit or they are being sold on the hype of only to be disappointed and forsake the course down the road.

Based on my research, the answer is a no.

In this blog I have listed, the top seven reasons why most businesses especially small businesses fail in their social media efforts.

1. – No budget! The first and very obvious reason is small businesses have no budget deliberately set aside for social media.
It’s either they have no budget due to lack of cash flow or they have no idea they should have a budget.
Somehow people subconsciously believe that social media is free. Isn’t it, though.
It’s free to open a Facebook page, a twitter account or own any social account.
It’s free, but it isn’t cheap.

To run a successful social media platform that would drive effective business opportunities for you, it’s going to cost you.

It would cost you time, resources, people and money….
Don’t forget, Facebook now is a play to pay field.
That you have 10000 fans doesn’t mean they all see your page post when you share it. Only a minute fraction of that say 50-100 will ever see your post. And the less they engage with your content, the less your content will be seen by those who see it.

(In this podcast, I shared a story relating to how Facebook fan pages are seen by only a few and of how Barcelona FC got my attention, engagement and the result of that. – An idea you can borrow for your business too.)

2. Use expert advice from big blog sites that cater to a different marketplace and culture.

Where do you get information about how to manage your social media profiles… No need to answer, cause its most likely from top blog sites and news sites or copy what big companies are doing, saying on their own social channels.
The biggest proof of this is the #TBT which stands for Throwback Thursday.
I call them the copy cat post. You don’t need to try to copy or join the crowd in this case.
Because what works for one may not work for another.

Imagine how cat videos go viral in several parts of the world. For that purpose you say to yourself, I want my page to go viral, I would get a cat and begin to post pictures and videos of the cat stay with me. I don’t need to tell you how the reaction of the public would be. Some will question your sanity, others will form the opinion that you have black powers… You know what am talking about.
This just tells you that culture is different and culture changes everything.

3. They don’t get help from those who can provide it – those who make it their lifestyle to understand how social media marketing works and are comfortable enough to earn a living doing it.

I’ve seen this so many times, now it just makes me laugh. When you start off a conversation with those who you can evidently see that they’re struggling online. You quickly get a rehearsed “oh I know that, or my brother is in IT!!!”

Really? That you have a brother in IT doesn’t mean he knows just what to do? Better still, IT is a huge industry. Two people in IT may not be doing same or similar stuff. In IT, you could either be a systems management administrator, or a networking administrator, security systems manager, a web developer, a mobile apps applications developer, a software developer, an online marketer, a computer education or graphics designer…. The list is endless.

When trying to figure out how to effectively use social channels and the Internet to run your business only do one thing. Stop! Stop trying to figure it out.
If you’re an engineer, face engineering, a restauranteur should face creating fantastic recipes and leave the figuring out to the experts.

4. They don’t understand the trends.
As uninspiring as it sounds, we like in a trend-buzz world.
The latest trends in fashion, music, etc… These fickle upturns affects the way we do business. Because it affects what gets the people attention.

When speaking about trends here am not limiting it to the latest viral video on YouTube but more also about major global changes and happening, national events that can turn your business around in that nick of time.

So many business owners are not adept to what goes on in and around them. And even more sluggish in understanding how to use it for the advantage of their organization.

5. Abuse of social platforms.
This point can comfortably sit as number one.
I really don’t know where business owners get the ideas they use in running their channels from. It’s funny cause you’ll find them tagging everyone one and their dog just to get that increase awareness. Even people who have no business being tagged.
Or should we talk about the abuse of the hashtag and mentions. They hashtag or mention popular celebs, or other people with large online following when it doesn’t have a relevancy to their post.

Take for example: here is a post of a solar supplying company.
“It’s not news that 24/7 power supply is not a reality in Nigeria. To save your costs from fuel and have constant power use solar powered bulbs or inverter. #solar #justinBieber #kanyewest #oprahwinfrey @omojuwa, @lagostraffic

I could equally add an lol behind the post. Cause it did nothing but give me a big laugh just reading that.

(Note: the hashtag is the # symbol and the mention is the @ symbol.)
Somebody must have told them that doing that will enable people who follow those celebs or personalities you’re either tagging, mentioning will equally see your post.

What the heck!!!

That they see your post doesn’t mean they know you or will be willing and happy to engage with you. Or straight off the bat purchase from you, instead you would be ridiculing your credibility.
If you need to tag randomly you’re clearly telling the world you need to be heard so desperately you rather spam other people accounts to get attention instead of doing it the right way; committing your time, energy, resources, people, money to build your own audience.

(I share more stories about how someone asked to reshare her page content on my fb wall. The reason I declined and what you need to know about abusing your fb wall. Not all your friends will see your posts. The option to silence notifications exist, instead of unfriending the individual.)

6. A lack of content structure.
What powers social media is content.
A lot of social media accounts exists without consistent content sharing that engages the target audience. Or content is shared haphazardly.
Those strategies wouldn’t give you best results.
Before string up a social media account for business, think through your content strategy.
Start with what needs your target audience have, what challenges are they going through. What pains do you solve. Then you create content around that and don’t stop at creating, distribute and promote.

Let’s bring this into perspective.
Have you seen any of our Nigerian celebs page? They are fond of sharing stories that create empathy and solidarity. Just to boost engagement, they tell stories if how a girl is suffering from complications of her big bust or similar and then pray that those reading it wouldn’t fall into the same fate…. And everyone comments Amen!!!
Typical of Nigerians… We don’t allow an opportunity to echo an amen pass over.

But do sharing contents like this really help the individual or business in the long run?

Absolutely not!
Why? Because it doesn’t create business value of any kind… And am not just talking sales.

What would have been a more relevant content that would create business value in this case:

Bear in mind that these are celebs who have acted in or produced over 13 movies on the average.
They engage in social/community building services,
They have thought leadership in their areas of strength and expertise.

But do you find any of these consistently in their pages or profiles… To the best of my knowledge the answer still remains no.

7. Last but not least…. Too much focus on the numbers.

The measure of a person’s popularity is by the number of his/her twitter follower… True or false?

No matter the answer you give, that is what it tends to be. The more followers you have, the more influential people count you to be.

I haven’t seen anything far from the truth such as this fallacy.

Before writing this piece, I did a little playing around on social media. Facebook precisely. Kim kardeshian west most precisely…..
Anyway what did I find?
As of the time of writing this Kim has over 600k likes to her page.
But I can tell you that half that number do not care a hoot about Kim, the rest half is divided among haters, trollers and the true fans.
This is evidenced by the comments she receive on her posts.

So many negative sentiments coming from those who are supposedly are fans of Kim.

So, do you want to have 1million social media followers who don’t care a hoot about you or worse are hater just following or you want true 1000 fans.

I would opt for the latter.
Overtime, I see us coming to that realization that 100 real people who like and trust you and engage with you online, not necessarily all positive but if they must criticize they do so constructively is way better than 1 million of naysayers, kill joys, haters, losers, critic, etc….

So the bottom line is, it’s not about the numbers…. It’s more about the value that shifts both ways… From you to your followers and from your followers to you.

Do you find that you fall into any of these categories? Time for a change.
Make your social media efforts better and get better results.

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Bring back trade by barter

BringBackTradeByBarter – A Solution for Entrepreneurs to Excel

Category : Entrepreneurship

The best athletes I know from the golf king, Tiger Woods to the Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. Every one of these people excel at their craft because they have coaches they listen to, that help them hone their skills.

There is a coach for physical fitness, health and nutrition, psychological and mental wellness etc…

This epitome of gaining for success that I see with athletes cannot be said in the small business world of young entrepreneurs here in Nigeria as observed.
This is the reason many entrepreneurs record failures at alarming levels or many just get stuck, unable to level up after some point.

The life of an entrepreneur is woven between these words, “I can do it and I can do it all” as a starter, he’s the chief executive, as well as the accountant, he makes the marketing decisions, takes care of customer service… He is the end all be all of his business. But in that same route lies the weakness of his business.

Although, as an entrepreneur, you may be skilled in many ways than one, granted you could be running low on the financial capabilities of individually getting all the team members you need and paying out of pocket salaries but that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t seek the help of the right people; entrepreneurs like yourself that doprovide the other sides of your business needs and you do the same in exchange.

Small business owners are missing one vital link that connects them to success in their business and that’s working with themselves, am not talking mentorship.

Knowing what to outsource and not trying to fix it all despite their limitation.

I see this rampantly when it comes to managing their online marketing efforts. Big brands know enough to outsource or build a team but the one business show keeps nudging at his computer, trying to fix his PPC, SEO, FB ADS, email marketing, copywriting, etc…

what’s worse? They are avarice to consulting with experts. This could be other small business owners who are specialized with the Kind of knowledge that delivers better results without a waste of time, efforts and resources.

This partnership doesn’t have to cost a dime or in the very least, an arm and a leg as entrepreneurs can swap services. It’s a way of bringing back a refined trade by
barter system; you need some tubers of yam, I got them, you got grains, I’ll take them. Which was the case in the old system.

If entrepreneurs especially those just getting started or bootstrapping, can come together and build corporate synergy on a platform of exchanging each other’s skills and services, they’ll for sure garner better results within their business.

That’s a long shot from trying to struggle to figure it all out for yourself, when you rather need to focus on what you know how to do best and deliver that the best possible way you can.

What do you think are the challenges entrepreneurs face and what solutions do you think can be proferred. Share them in the comments below. I’d like to hear what you think.

Illoh Ifeoma helps businesses leverage the internet and online marketing strategies to grow, gain customers and make profit. Need help with growing your business using the internet? Send a mail to ify@marketingkisspr.com

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How Tech is helping Nigeria fight the Ebola virus

How Tech is helping Nigeria with the fight against the Ebola virus

Category : Technology

The Ebola virus, one scary phrase that has put a  lot of people on the edge lately. The spread of the virus in neighboring African countries including our very own Nigeria cast so much doubtful shadows, introduced quite a number of misconceptions, and should I say some crazy rumors about its cure.

When this menace started, I kept saying to myself, “what are government health and disease control institutions doing to raise awareness and further stop the growing ignorance and rumors.
And the only way they could so this successfully and proactively, would be to use the power of technology to reach a large mass of people. This is not just to provide the right information but to do so in a way that it’s easily accessible and can be easily understood. therefore here is how Tech is helping Nigeria with the fight against  the Ebola virus.

Technology in this case cuts across the Internet, mobile, and peer to peer message sharing via SMS, webchat/instant messaging.

The Federal Government of Nigeria declared the spread of the Ebola virus as an emergency and like every other emergencies we know, access to the right, and adequate information is key.
Not to mention that this is a country where ignorance has a tendency of running amok with no one checkmating it or questioning it.
Little wonder at the viral speed of the message that propagated the use of salty bath and drink as a measure to cure or prevent the Ebola virus.

How has technology helped so far with the fight against the Ebola virus?

Mobile messaging

A telecom company sent text messages to their users highlighting the symptoms of Ebola, and how the virus can be contracted. The text message shares a link to the health.gov.ng email address and a phone number. Unfortunately, this number cannot be reached.

Instant messaging via black berry messenger and WhatsApp the two most popular social messaging platforms were used extensively to broadcast facts about Ebola. Conversely, also it was used to spread the ignorant rumors as well.

Social media wasn’t left behind. Interactive twitter chat events organized by doctors with a goal to provide answers to questions on everything Ebola.
Status updates were shared and re-shared from authority pages. That which intrigued me most was the twitter chat organized by a team of doctors under the auspices of ebolaalert.org which brings me to the two most prominent websites that was setup to provide the right information as well as lead to an outlet where people could reach me out and call if they had
further queries.  These websites are Ebolafacts.com and ebolaalert.org.
These sites captured not only beautiful design but unique layering of the information and providing links to other channels of communication. They provided multiple phone numbers which interested individuals could reach for further questions or concerns. This time these numbers worked… Yes I did check.

What more can be done with technology?
Going forward, I would like a more intensified approach.
We have four major telecom companies in Nigeria, instead of the message been spread by just one of them, I would like to see all four take active participation. Share the facts, share preventive measures, most importantly debunk rumors as fast as they spread.

I would love to have seen a proactive counter action, taken via SMS messaging to debunk the viral rumor that propagated the use of salty water as a preventive or curative measure. The  Ministry of Health didn’t need to wait till the next day to issue a press release or hold a press conference. Ordinarily, with the click of a button millions of Nigerians can receive SMS messaging as quickly as the rumors had spread.

Another tech platform that hasn’t been used and I wonder why it hasn’t been used yet is the use of robo call technology. Have your phone rang and when you picked up, you heard an automated message, well my friend, that is a robo call in action.
Telecom companies bombard us with salesy robo calls, I haven’t yet seen a robo call composed to provide education, facts and genuine reports about the virus. These Robo calls can be setup to using the four major Nigeria languages; Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin.

Telecom companies should get off their selfish horses and make use of their database for something good outside their products and services.  The clause here is you don’t want to send a robo call in Hausa language to a user who doesn’t
understand the language. We do know that this mistakes are already been made with the telecom companies.

Still with the telecom companies, I would also love to see available toll free lines specially setup and dedicated for answering calls about and around the Ebola virus.


I would also like to see Web sites chatting services that work for example in the case of the ebolaalert.org site, they incorporate a website chat software, but no one mans the chatting service. When you get on this site to chat an automated message response is what you get instead. This is not too good, if you took the time to install a chat software, then get someone to man it.

Furthermore, If there was any need to host a Google Hangout on Air, this is the time for such.

Not just one, but as many as possible that can help with the education and awareness process of this virus. Likewise, an integrated approach of online interactive platforms would suffice at this point. This is where a live Hangout is mixed with
twitter chat, live blogging etc.
Now does it have to be all online? No it doesn’t.

We should get out and get talking. Use the mass media platform, radio, television is key at this point. At the point of writing this am yet to see content either as a live interactive program, or a documentary or some form of content in that regard syndicated across these two mass media platforms.

Take it to the rural cities… People live there too

Who says awareness program should start and stop in urbanized cities…. I do believe its time for some rural education. No doubt the virus has only been reported in urban cities but we do know that there is quite a steady migration between the urban and rural centres. The quicker people within the rural centres are informed the better it would be, ‘cos at this rate if someone gets infected who lives in the rural areas, the more catastrophic it would be because of the state of our health care services in rural centres.
Finally, we must provide education in our schools.

Currently primary and secondary schools are shut but should they at anytime resume, awareness and educational programs that highlight the Ebola virus should be taught. Knowledge is way better than ignorance, and any way the citizenry can be
provided with the right knowledge instead of allowing rumors and ignorance run on rampage then I think those platforms and channels should be exploited and utilized. If you know any channel that hasn’t been used yet, or I didn’t mention do share it in the comments below.

Hey, I’m illoh ifeoma, Founder/CEO Marketingkisspr.com

Welcome to my online marketing training website and blog.
This is where I coach entrepreneurs on how to leverage the power of the internet to really grow their business. Ensuring best practices in a DIY style.
Got tons of insights, tips and free stuff here. Take advantage. If you want to talk with me directly, use the phone number or email address on the top of this page. Thanks for being here.

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