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Podcasting in Nigeria - How to Start a podcast

Podcasting in Nigeria

As shared on the Podcast School blog on “How to Start and Launch Your Podcast”

  • Have you got a message you want to share with the world?
  • Do you feel a desire to host a radio show or Television show?
    but the huge cost discourages you?
  • Do you have a business and would like to promote it to a global audience?
  • Do you want to share your expertise, knowledge, experience and wisdom to help others?
  • Do you want to position your personal brand differently from others?

Now you can do it! Without the huge budget, censorship or chasing sponsors.

Start Your Podcast!

Although Podcasting in Nigeria is relatively new, so many people are yet to fully grasp the full

extent to the amazing the opportunities buried in it.

You don’t have to be Dr Phil to get an interview with Oprah
You don’t have to be Mo’ Abudu to setup your own African Black Entertainment Channel,
You don’t have to be Ben Bruce to Have Your Own Home Grown Cinema

Listen, You don’t have to be all these people to kick start your life, share your message, touch lives and be fulfilled and happy.

Because you can have your own global on demand Radio show also called a Podcast.
You can start now, in your kitchen, office, home, farm (as long as you can make your animals keep quiet while you record :) :) …the bottom line is wherever you have a computer and an internet access.

Launching your own podcast, also known as on-demand radio show can be the most rewarding, fulfilling experience both as a hobby or a full time business or ministry tool.

The challenge for most is how to start one that will rock, and stand out among the crowd at the same time position you as an authority and lending credibility to your voice.


Starting a podcast has a lot of advantages; it’s inexpensive, easy to set up, profitable and a whole others.

But before you jump on the band wagon, Can you answer some of these questions?

Do you know how to start a Podcast that Rocks!
Do you know what equipment to use?
Do you know where to host your show for maximum publicity?
Do you know how to engage your audience to keep them coming back?

These are some of the questions you must answer if you must launch a successful Podcast.
If you just jump on it, you will stumble and make “unnecessary” mistakes.

Avoid the mistakes by downloading your copy of the eBook

“Steps To Podcasting”
It is a Guide on Podcasting for Those Who Want to Launch Their Podcast and Stand out from the Crowd.

You will discover step by step guidelines you need to take into consideration before you launch your podcast show, during your show and after your show.

Save yourself a ton of work.
Get the eBook now… While it’s F/R/E/E

Visit the Podcast School by clicking here

Am offering the eBook free for a period of time, so use the discount code save10 at checkout.

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How to drive engagement on Facebook

How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands

How do you drive engagement on Facebook? With Facebook organic reach dwindling every day, it means if you must use the platform, you got to get serious! the days of setup, post sporadically and forget is over.
To achieve this, you need to understand the different strategies that work.

For this reason, I went on a mouse search to find top businesses that use Facebook pages to connect with their audience at the same time does some advertising spend.

As Valentine’s day was just few days away, it is in order to see what Nigerian brands… the likes of
Konga, Jumia, Daviva Fabric, Paporte, Wedding Digest Nigeria and more.

As we look at the various posts they made on Valentine’s day. We will reveal some key tips that you will learn
from these pages.

Catch the tips in this video or scroll down the page to read a text summary of the tips I shared.


Tip 1: Make posts that stir the emotions.
Emotions is a powerful thing. It causes us a to feel and think. It influences us.

When you make your posts, ensure that it touches the emotions. Payporte Facebook page was a perfect example.

Tip 2: Can you imagine how Wedding Digest Nigeria, flowed on Valentine’s day? They flipped the coin.
They thought outside the box. Showed off two beautiful twin babies…. This was the post with the most engagement.
Many times you don’t have to follow what the crowd does. Stir your own course.
Tip 3: Konga Nigeria knows what branding looks like and feels like. In terms of understanding their brand identity they got that to the bank.

They made a custom graphic, you can’t beat having a fun valentine day without a date with your loved one.

Anyone can relate with that, and with the visual power of the graphic, I say this was a good engaging post.

Tip 4: Don’t make it about Sales! Sales! Sales!
If you must connect with your audience you must provide value beyond just asking for a sale. Pages who makes it
all about a sale in this new dispensation of Facebook organic reach, it would be difficult to manage an active page without some value.
Tip 5: Don’t stop enagaging…
A lack of engagement with your fans may prove two things which is either the company no longer exists or there is
no strategy backing the social media presence.

Remember this: Facebook and social media, isn’t just about the sales. The ROI of social media extends to activating
your brand reach, your brand awareness… making sure you are top of mind always.

When this is the case overtime it helps the user in their journey as they make buying decision.
Keep at it. Don’t stop!

That’s How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands.

You want more ways to drive engagement on Facebook? Then get the e-course on Five types of post to share on social media to keep fans coming back. Sign Up with the form below for instant access.

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AfriDoc 2014 - Nigeria missing!

AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

AfriDoc 2014 - Nigeria missing!

AfriDoc 2014 – Nigeria missing!

How did it happen?

A country with the second largest movie industry.
A country with a high youth population in a country where small film makers can help grow its economy just diversifying their perspectives.
Yet is a country missing in action in the ongoing “Afridocs” initiative.
Organized by steps and the Bertha foundation. This initiative is all about showcasing African stories to the African audience to achieve in an array of selected documentary, being broadcasted on DStv channel 190 and GOtv channel 65 between July 17 and July 27.
But if you look through the documentaries lined up, not one was created or produced by a Nigerian producer.
Makes me wanna say, “Heck! What happened?”
Are practitioners in the film industry remotely aware of the opportunities they’re passing over.
Over the last four days I’ve written about the potentials of striking out as a documentary producer or creator.
Now here is a clear case that we are  not taking advantage of all the opportunities before us.
Going forward, I would like to see that we harness all the potentials we’ve got .
Nollywood shouldn’t be about home videos and movies alone. We’ve got stories etched within our history and our very present that can be captured and told like never before using documentaries and we do know that this opens up Nigeria to opportunities of recognition within Africa and the global stage.
Will we keep passing off our opportunities because we couldn’t care about harnessing our latent money making opportunities. And saying money making is just a single value or outcome.
Embracing the potentials within the documentary world is more about creating value, helping the economy and been a valuable resource, providing solutions to those who really need them, creating jobs etc.
So it’s up to us to step up!
Dust the cameras and go a shooting!
Now your turn. Do you think there could be some unspoken reasons  why the documentary industry is untapped?
Let me know in the comments below.
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