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How to boost sales to your eCommerce store this holiday

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Do you have an online shop or eCommerce store?
Are you looking for ways to attract more sales this holiday?

In this post I will show you simple steps on How to boost sales to your eCommerce this holiday

In 2013, it was estimated that over 2 Billion sales were made. Not throughout the whole year, but just within the black Friday and cyber Monday sales.

Amazing! Don’t you think. Now, the question is,
What have you done or are doing to ensure that in 2014 your online shop is not left out.

People are becoming more Internet savvy. Online shopping is in its ultra high. In the same vein online stores are popping up more than ever before in the virtual world.
Therefore the competition is ever increasing and you need to consciously ensure your business is always top of mind, and keep your customers returning.

What strategies can you implement to make sure you’re ready for holiday sales.
In this blog post am going share key tips that will help drive your sales through the roof.

To see it work for you, you must implement and take action.

Holiday sales tip 1:

Think mobile, mobile, mobile….

I deliberately made this the first for obvious reasons.
In 2013 over 1/4 of sales made were from mobile devices. This year it’s estimated that that number would be doubled.
More and more people are conveniently using their smartphone to shop online.
Mobile sales is fast trumping desktop sales.
You most also take note that in some climes, an individual only access to the Internet is their smartphone. Sometimes you need to think mobile only.

Holiday sales tip 2:

Use analytics history….

Checking through your analytics will tell you which of your marketing channels bring in the most traffic and the channels that convert the most traffic.
Use that information to tailor your holiday promotions. Increase your promotions on the channels that brings you the most converting customers…
Here is a typical example.: Pinterest may bring you the most traffic., but blogging may bring you the most converted traffic. These are two different things.
You can improve the conversion rates of Pinterest traffic by understanding why more of the traffic that comes on your landing page bounces.  Knowing the reason or reason why could help you improve your result.

Holiday sales tip 3:

Engage retargeting customers with content.

I’ve experienced retargeting been used on me when I visit certain sites and if you don’t know what retargeting is, it simply means when customers visit your site and don’t take the step you want them to take you follow them with ads all over the Internet; On social media, blogs and other news sites.

The best way to retarget is to retarget with content. When someone visits your site, they do so because they are in search of something. They may not be ready to buy but they seek answers. There is a high chance when you send they to a buy now sales page, they may not convert at all, but you need to ensure that you keep their interest with your business and educate them about the benefits of using your product and service.

Holiday sales tip 4:

Personalized email marketing.

This is not the time to send buy it, buy it sales messages.
Rather you need to incorporated personalization and that is beyond mentioning their name in the email.
If your customers have at anytime made a purchase, download an eBook or do whatever, use that as a spring board to craft your message.

I hope that these steps will help you improve your sales this holiday. Get your sales on turbocharge and do what’s best for your business.
Get more ideas on how to increase your sales this holiday inside this free eBook download
“How to boost sales to your eCommerce store this holiday”
This eBook will show you more ideas that I haven’t shared in this blog.


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how to boost sales to your eCommerce store

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PayPal in Nigeria – 3 Things You Must Know

PayPal in Nigeria

WOW! you may say… Paypal In Nigeria!

Paypal recently announced their inclusion of 10 other countries into their service.

Nigeria, as well as some other sub Saharan countries and countries in Latin America.

Social media went agog with the News, Nigerians screaming for joy.
But most failed to read the blue print.

As an online marketing coach/consultant having worked in the
tranches of online payment…I had to whip up this article
to educate you on the implications of this, and cause you to see more perspectives to this.

With this development, Is this such a good News or what?

For me I choose to say, this is not
such a good news… am not Dancing for Joy and am not sad as a mourner either.

What should you know before you go jumping for Joy.
As a business owner, prepare yourself and as a user be harmed!

Here are my Seven reasons OR MAYBE THREE because I intend to make this short:

Number one and the biggest reason: Paypal only allows you to pay for services with PayPal and not open a merchant account. Again, I stress
You can only pay for services with those using Paypal as a merchant solution.

This means that Paypal still limits merchant account ownership to the same folks and countries and what they’ve only opened up for us is to have a Paypal account where we can spend more money with those folks. In other words Paypal is interested in boosting the marketplace opportunities for their vendors which we know isn’t in Nigeria.

Now we know that the greatest need for Nigerians is to have a unified,
globally recognized mode of accepting payment on their site. That’s the
real deal. Where you can install a simple payment page on your site and
receive payments from anyone, anywhere in a safe and trusted platform.
That’s what we has online marketers have been looking forward to.

Paypal didn’t hear your cry, Paypal heard the cries of their already existing merchants who lose sales opportunities and experience shopping cart dump because a growing percentage of their customers couldn’t pay with PayPal.

What’s the flip side of that. Nigerian merchants who have earned a business taking the opportunity of Paypal not accepting Nigerians legally are in for a stiff competition.
eCommerce within Nigeria global competitions have dramatically increased.

People are already eager to register so they can buy stuff from ebay, etc…. tell me where do you put the Konga’s and Jumia’s and the Taafoo’s not to mention the small eCommerce sites springing up in Naija!
We know online eCommerce… can be a wild jungle…

I can choose to buy from any merchant whether home or abroad… but buying abroad seems to appeal more… don’t you think.

So in simple sentence… More money/profit and market place opportunities for Americans, Europeans and more competition for LOCAL MERCHANTS…. (BLAH!)

Number 2: Paypal gives their subscribers a comparatively hard time.
They close accounts at will. Block payouts whenever they feel like. Change their
policies at the whim. check out this post from Forbes that sheds more light on that.

{to read the post on Forbes click on this link

Number 3: Paypal is facing crisis… You may not know that because our interest wasn’t in that angle. Afterall what do we care about a company we are not involved with. But lately, Paypal has been facing both internal crisis and external competitive fierceness.

Competition is already swallowing up their pie in the markets they already serve.

Google wallet, Dwolla, Mastercard and VisaCard, springing up their payments, Sellz, Stripe, Gumroad, Big Names… Not so Big names are cashing out on Paypal weaknesses and providing users with
better services and their only way out of that mess is to launch in markets they’ve deliberately ignored for over 19 years…

So if this is the best idea PayPal could cook up after 19 years which is to
to extend their offerings to unserved markets not for the economic growth of business owners in dire need of a reliable global service but rather to
milk the over $100 billion markets of Africa and Latin America put together.

For crying out loud If it took PayPal this long  just to give us a send money feature, then the time it will take them to roll out the Merchant feature, my unborn little baby would have graduated from college.

Hey, I’m illoh ifeoma, Founder/CEO

Welcome to my online marketing training website and blog.
This is where I coach entrepreneurs on how to leverage the power of the internet to really grow their business. Ensuring best practices in a DIY style.
Got tons of insights, tips and free stuff here. Take advantage. If you want to talk with me directly, use the phone number or email address on the top of this page. Thanks for being here.

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