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Bring back trade by barter

BringBackTradeByBarter – A Solution for Entrepreneurs to Excel

Category : Entrepreneurship

The best athletes I know from the golf king, Tiger Woods to the Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams. Every one of these people excel at their craft because they have coaches they listen to, that help them hone their skills.

There is a coach for physical fitness, health and nutrition, psychological and mental wellness etc…

This epitome of gaining for success that I see with athletes cannot be said in the small business world of young entrepreneurs here in Nigeria as observed.
This is the reason many entrepreneurs record failures at alarming levels or many just get stuck, unable to level up after some point.

The life of an entrepreneur is woven between these words, “I can do it and I can do it all” as a starter, he’s the chief executive, as well as the accountant, he makes the marketing decisions, takes care of customer service… He is the end all be all of his business. But in that same route lies the weakness of his business.

Although, as an entrepreneur, you may be skilled in many ways than one, granted you could be running low on the financial capabilities of individually getting all the team members you need and paying out of pocket salaries but that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t seek the help of the right people; entrepreneurs like yourself that doprovide the other sides of your business needs and you do the same in exchange.

Small business owners are missing one vital link that connects them to success in their business and that’s working with themselves, am not talking mentorship.

Knowing what to outsource and not trying to fix it all despite their limitation.

I see this rampantly when it comes to managing their online marketing efforts. Big brands know enough to outsource or build a team but the one business show keeps nudging at his computer, trying to fix his PPC, SEO, FB ADS, email marketing, copywriting, etc…

what’s worse? They are avarice to consulting with experts. This could be other small business owners who are specialized with the Kind of knowledge that delivers better results without a waste of time, efforts and resources.

This partnership doesn’t have to cost a dime or in the very least, an arm and a leg as entrepreneurs can swap services. It’s a way of bringing back a refined trade by
barter system; you need some tubers of yam, I got them, you got grains, I’ll take them. Which was the case in the old system.

If entrepreneurs especially those just getting started or bootstrapping, can come together and build corporate synergy on a platform of exchanging each other’s skills and services, they’ll for sure garner better results within their business.

That’s a long shot from trying to struggle to figure it all out for yourself, when you rather need to focus on what you know how to do best and deliver that the best possible way you can.

What do you think are the challenges entrepreneurs face and what solutions do you think can be proferred. Share them in the comments below. I’d like to hear what you think.

Illoh Ifeoma helps businesses leverage the internet and online marketing strategies to grow, gain customers and make profit. Need help with growing your business using the internet? Send a mail to

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LinkedIn, the untapped marketing Goldmine

LinkedIn An Untapped Marketing Goldmine

Is LinkedIn the untapped marketing goldmine?

In the history of social media, Nigerians don’t lag behind in owning a profile for themselves.

Brings me to recall a conference I attended one time, and the speaker from India said, “Of all places he’s been to speak, Nigerians are the most social savvy.

Although, I do not know the places he’s been to, am sure he wasn’t just saying it to make those in attendance feel good. He meant every word.


Has that social savviness translated to business intelligence and advantage especially using the LinkedIn platform; a social media channel directly targeted for professionals.


Clearly, you may answer that based on your own usage and experience. But, I want to open up your mind to the untapped potential to make limitless business connections that can translate to meaningful business transactions.


Before you start blasting away an ad  for your product or service at the sound of that to all your LinkedIn connections, you need to know that like every meaningful human connections there is a how to and also a how not to.


I may choose to spew out the reasons LinkedIn is the social media of choice if you’re an entrepreneur.

I could tell you how LinkedIn is home to over 330 million professionals, how it is the number one trusted platform for business connections.

Think about networking on steroids!

But all that will be pointless if you’ve got no strategy and don’t align those strategy with your business goals or marketing goals.

Without such insight you will never be able to tap into the LinkedIn untapped goldmine?

How do you tap the LinkedIn goldmine?

A business goal can transcend just making sales. It includes reaching out to partners, distributors, influencers, sales agents, partners, investors, the media and of course prospects.


In other words, a business owner could have a goal that states gain 10 new clients in six months. Beyond that it could also include reach three new potential partners or investors and cultivate a meaningful business relationship.

You clearly need to flesh out your goals. This means write them down in black and white.

Have a timeline, action steps and appraisal moments…

For example to gain new clients to a specific product/service will take a different strategy from if your goal is to create a relationship with partners, distributors etc…

Next is to determine who is the right target for that goal, how would they describe their work, position, title on LinkedIn.

You see LinkedIn is a search engine and you would need to know the right keywords to use in searching for your potential prospects.

For example I could say my target audience are business owners but not all business owners use those terms to describe themselves.

In my research I’ve discovered some use managing director, CEO, entrepreneur, Founder, and the list goes on.

Someone targeting teachers could search for the terms “teachers,” “educational provider”, “educationist”, “Principal educator”, hope you get the point.


The idea is to understand the key terms also known as keywords that your target audience plays with in their LinkedIn profile.


Next, you need to their pain/need.

If you can provide value for their pain then you would gain their attention.

In approaching LinkedIn as a marketing platform, the mistake some people make is to pitch directly their product/service at the first instant of a connection, if you go this route, it’s going to be too bad for your overall and long term success.

This sounds too much like a cliché but it begs to be recalled “people don’t care about what you have to offer unless they know that you really care about them and theirs”


To ensure you have long term success with LinkedIn and derive value from your connections don’t be a linchpin.

Be a giver first and in most times not a take. Remember the 80 – 20 rule.

Offer value and value some more.

Stop thinking about your pocket for a moment. Get off the survival mode and start building a legacy. Build valuable seeds in the business of other people.


If you follow these key points and align your LinkedIn strategy, you’ll definitely see better results and what’s more fun about it is the new opportunities and frontiers that will reveal themselves beyond what you anticipated.

Now, here’s to your success using LinkedIn as a positive business platform!

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7 worse things you could do to your business in 2014

7 worse things you could do to your business in 2014

7 worse things you could do to your business in 2014

7 worse things you could do to your business in 2014

Here we are in the seventh month of the year.

Smart Business owners are already taking stock of how they’ve fared in business so far.

Already, in the half of the year, some re-adjusting, tweaking and new introductions would be taking centre stage.

Speaking of new introductions, Step and the Bertha Foundation South Africa, introduced the Africdocs Initiative which started on July 17 with the aim to broadcast African documentaries to the African audience. This ongoing project has been showing featured documentaries on the DSTV ED Channel and GoTV ED Channel on our very own African stories to the African audience.


As an entrepreneur, what could you be doing within your business right now that could hamper your growth and keep you from getting best results?  Hence, here is the seven worse things you could do to your business in 2014.

1. The first of the seven worse things you could do is not measuring your marketing efforts against your performance. This happens ever so often with small businesses. Even with your online marketing efforts , ensure you make use of analytics to understand how people find you online and their behavior on your and use the data you get from those to make informed decisions.

2. To believe your customers can’t be reach online. In today’s world, it’s still a little bizarre to hear small business owners say, “their customers are not online and therefore that justifies not having an online presence.”
My response to that is “big mistake”. If you still need to be convinced as to whether its important you have an online presence ready for 2014 and beyond, then I guess you may not have a relevant business in years to come.

3. A lack of integration of all your marketing efforts both offline and online. When. Business owners run diverse marketing campaigns, it imperative to integrate all your efforts and the different channels you use to see how they can amplify one another.

4. A believe that social is free and easy.
Having a social media presence may be free but the cost of time, and to get best results you would need to put your money where your mouth is. An investment of time, money and human resources is certainly required to get better results with your social media efforts.

5. Have you heard the term A.B.C; Always Be Closing. Surveys and reports suggests that a terrible thing to do in your business. I had a recent conversation with a web designer branching into digital marketing and he described how he prefers to use email marketing to get straight to the point and sell, sell, sell. My response to him was that, when you do that long enough, you get ignored or become annoying. Business is about building relationships and not selling all the time. Which brings me to the sixth mistake you could be making in your business.

6. Lack of the right knowledge of what works now. The online would is an ever changing landscape. You need to always be in the know. For example, Facebook keeps changing their news feed and such. Understanding how that impacts your posts visibility and your reach.

7. Lastly but not the least, a lack of patience.
An entrepreneur is a visionary but most times that puts us in this crazy wild to see results and see results faster than the speed of light. But that doesn’t work all the time,
Your ability to persevere while you implement ideas, strategies and tactics, goes a very long way. See every opportunity, success or failure as a learning experience. That way you stop blaming yourself for things gone wrong and have the peace to give time to whatever you’re working on.

And with that I hope you would take a 360 degrees look at what you’re currently doing and make changes where necessary. Leave in the comments what you think you’ve missed and which of these seven mistakes you desire to make right.

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AfriDoc 2014 - Nigeria missing!

AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

AfriDoc 2014 - Nigeria missing!

AfriDoc 2014 – Nigeria missing!

How did it happen?

A country with the second largest movie industry.
A country with a high youth population in a country where small film makers can help grow its economy just diversifying their perspectives.
Yet is a country missing in action in the ongoing “Afridocs” initiative.
Organized by steps and the Bertha foundation. This initiative is all about showcasing African stories to the African audience to achieve in an array of selected documentary, being broadcasted on DStv channel 190 and GOtv channel 65 between July 17 and July 27.
But if you look through the documentaries lined up, not one was created or produced by a Nigerian producer.
Makes me wanna say, “Heck! What happened?”
Are practitioners in the film industry remotely aware of the opportunities they’re passing over.
Over the last four days I’ve written about the potentials of striking out as a documentary producer or creator.
Now here is a clear case that we are  not taking advantage of all the opportunities before us.
Going forward, I would like to see that we harness all the potentials we’ve got .
Nollywood shouldn’t be about home videos and movies alone. We’ve got stories etched within our history and our very present that can be captured and told like never before using documentaries and we do know that this opens up Nigeria to opportunities of recognition within Africa and the global stage.
Will we keep passing off our opportunities because we couldn’t care about harnessing our latent money making opportunities. And saying money making is just a single value or outcome.
Embracing the potentials within the documentary world is more about creating value, helping the economy and been a valuable resource, providing solutions to those who really need them, creating jobs etc.
So it’s up to us to step up!
Dust the cameras and go a shooting!
Now your turn. Do you think there could be some unspoken reasons  why the documentary industry is untapped?
Let me know in the comments below.
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Three Ways to Profit Making Documentaries

Three Ways To Profit Making Documentaries

Three ways to profit from making documentaries

Three ways to profit from making documentaries



Three Ways to  Profit Making Documentaries

The full two weeks between July 17 and 27 heralds the spotlight of African documentaries to a global audience especially the African audience as its planned that during these eleven days tons of documentaries will be made broadcast on the DStv ED channel 190 and GOtv ED channel 65 under the initiative called Afridocs.


The production of documentaries over the last decade as slowly dimmed, you would agree with me.

Although, NollyWood (the industry of Home grown home movies) has experienced a widespread growth and a gradual increase in local soap opera’s but has that growth rubbed off on the documentary industry favourably?

I think not!

Now, is there a business case with producing documentaries?

Is producing documentaries a viable business opportunity?

Is there an entrepreneurial value that can be created and profited from?

Let’s start by looking into the business case of producing documentaries and highlight three ways to profit making documentaries.

  1. Is there an opportunity?
  2.  And is it profitable?

The answer to the first question is evident. Documentary film makers can capitalize on the growth rate of Nollywood, the second largest film industry in the world to launch a viable sub sector.

Of course before you venture into a business opportunity you definitely would measure other critical factors that could help you along that entrepreneurial path.

Having established the opportunity within producing documentaries as a business venture let’s dive into identifying the profit touch points of making documentaries

How can you profit from making documentaries?


Here are three important ways you can profit.

  1. Through sponsorship – you can have your documentaries solely or jointly sponsored by brands. Before  launching your full documentary, you can shoot trailers and get investors or sponsors as well as NGOs who may have a good cause to promote and therefore use the documentary medium to convey their message to gain a movement and get people to support their cause.


  1. Through selling the license to Television networks and cable – In this arrangement, you’re not going to be selling out your intellectual property. The license allows the cable network or TV station to broadcast your documentary at anytime during the period of the license.


  1. Online subscriptions – you can definitely offer your documentary as an exclusive online educational material offered via subscriptions online. This on demand access may not offer you the voluminous broadcast advantage but you sure can measure who is and how they gain access to your content.


Whatever profit making option you choose, its critical to work with a plan and business model that works for you.


A great place to watch an array of highly produced documentaries to gain a clear picture of what I’ve been saying would be to stay glued to DStv ED channel 190 and GOtv ED channel 65 through July 17 to 27.


As we support the various African entrepreneurs who have put in their resources to get African stories etched in a good documentaries.

Am particularly interested to watch the documentary on Femi Kuti life and music titled Day by Day.

As stated in their recent press release, the film follows the development of a track from Femi Kuti’s latest album, it sets out to explain the artistic decisions. These choices are inseparable from Femi’s involvement in the political situation in his home country, Nigeria.

The documentary will be Screened on Wednesday July 23rd at 21:00 (GMT + 2)


Other documentary titles that would be featured is For the Best & the Onion

The Galmi purple, the onion from Niger, pervades West African markets with 400,000 tons a year. In Galmi, Salamatou’s been waiting for her wedding for 2 years. Her father Yaro, urged both by her future in-laws and the village gossip makes a decision : The wedding will take place at the harvest ! Yaro is aware that to be ready for this commitment, he has to produce more and sell at a higher price.

Screening on Wednesday July 23rd at 17:00 (GMT + 2)

Magic Radio

In Niger, where more than 80% of the population is illiterate, radio is the main means of mass communication. Simple yet reliable, the radio is everywhere, in the streets, homes and the bush.  It entertains, educates, informs and helps provide

a check on power. Today, through the radio waves, the citizens of Niger seize the microphone and taste democracy. It’s an FM revolution.

Screening on Friday July 25th at 21:00 (GMT + 2) to mention a few.

To get full TV schedule on the airing documentaries visit and check out their facebook page on

With all said, you definitely can profit making documentaries and here is a call to Nigeria short film makers. This is an industry you have overlooked for too long. Let’s get it started. and by the way, have you launch a documentary producing venture? Was it profitable? Let me know in the comments below.

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