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How to make more money online with your website

How to make more money online with your website

Discovering how to make more money online with your website starts with generating traffic, capturing the traffic, that is your visitors’ interest and turning them into leads.

Leads are potential customers clients or prospects. Without leads you have no hope for bring in customers.

In this post, I will share with you the three tools that will help you make more money from your website.

These amazing tools brought to you by Sumome and they take less than an hour to set up.

If you didn’t know this; your website should be a source of effective lead generation for you. The truth is when people get to visit your site not everyone will be ready to buy. Some may just be thinking about it and some might be looking for a solution for some time down the road.

How do you make sure your website captures the details of all these individuals at their varying degree of interest like we say in marketing at their different stages of the sales funnel?

That can be done through a valuable exchange. An exchange where you deliver something that ultimately would only cost them their email address. But it’s something so valuable that they will be willing to give up their email and also agree to continually be kept in the know through future mailings about your offerings or whatever information may help them in their purchasing decision.

So how do you make more money online with your website with the Sumome Apps?

A couple of tools in the Sumome apps will help you achieve this.

The first I want to talk about is the list builder.

The list builder app is a pop up/pop over tool that over time helps garner more subscribers to your list.

It pops over your page and gives the visitor an opportunity to subscribe to your valuable offer.

Setting up this tool will only take about 10 minutes or less. What you must know is that you are presently your most valuable offer.

An offer in the form of an ebook, Mp3, video, webinars, eCourse or even a one on one coaching session.

The goal is to make the offer so irresistible that your web visitors can’t refuse.

The best time to use a pop over is when you have allowed your visitors some time to take in what your website is all about. This could be a ninety second to 120 seconds mark as opposed to showing it to them as soon as your web page loads.

Going with the latter from my experience will only annoy more visitors and have them close it or click away from your site.

The second tool is the Smart bar:

The smart bar is an horizontal bar that sits on top of your web page. The advantage this tool has is the options of where it can appear. It could scroll along with the visitor, or stay static on top of page. It could also hide while the visitor scrolls down and show again when they scroll up it all depeds on how you set it up within the settings page. You can also A/B test various positions and se what works best in generationg leads. In every case it remains above the fold and has a tendency to get the attention of your visitors. You can track how many clicks and subscribers it gets within the app. You also have the option to export to your favourite email marketing tool. So cool.

The third tool is the scroll box: this is one of my favorites of the Sumome Apps.

The scroll box is designed to creep in from the corner of your site without the annoying effect a pop up could have for some visitors and it only shows up when the visitor has scrolled your page to a certain percentage that you indicated within the settings of the app. Because of its unique position it relatively gets attention of web visitors that’s why a ton of renown blogs are using the scroll box.

You may have fallen in love with all three of these apps and may be in a dilemma on which one of these to incorporate on your site. Well I’d say, why choose one. Go with all three. Use them to promote multiple offers on your webpage. Remember these apps will help your lead generation and increase your email list. Set them so they lead to different offers. The more the merrier.

Like I have done on my website: The smart bar leads to my online membership site for business owners who want to discover what online marketing strategies they can implement to 2x their business revenue. The scroll box is for registrations to my weekly webinars. The list builder offers my “Social Media Game Over” eBook. Moving past the hype and noise into a world of relevance and utility.

So does this in anyway inspire you? Do you feel like you know how to really position your website to generate more leads and have the opportunity to nurture that relationship till your website visitors become a paying customer?

If you have any question or comments please leave them in the comments below.

It’s your turn!

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how to grow your business online

How to grow your business online

I get this question a lot.
Ifeoma, how do I grow my business online?
Most of the time I do reply with, what do you currently do online,
I get responses like, I have a blog, a website, I post on Facebook,
I post on Nigeria classified sites.

That seem to be all, yet it may not be driving the kind of traction they had hoped for or need.

The fact is in an attempt to answer that question, any one who says to you in order to grow your business online you need a website, a Facebook page, and list an itinerary of things you need, such person haven’t really done justice to that question.
Because the truth of the matter is, those things don’t grow a business online.

Before you roll your eyeballs, I’ll explain.

First to answer the question, how to grow your business online.
You need a turn key life cycle marketing strategy.

Is a website important… Yes,
Is a blog important, yes,
Is a Facebook page or other type of social media important? Affirmative…yes!

Yes they may be the clear path to follow in building an online presence but not how to grow your business online.

But they all must work coherently not as a stand alone, dispersed platform.
They all must work intelligently together in tandem, supporting one another and pulling your prospects through their customer journey with you from the point of “hey, who is this?” to the point of ” oh, am a satisfied, singing your praise customer.”

All of those platforms, there are more as well, are touch points.
They are like the stall or shop you have in a local market.

Let’s say for example, you own a shop in Lagos market, or Aba market or Kano market where a large crowd throngs the market daily.

Let’s guesstimate that over 20, 000 eager to buy people walks past your shop every day but never stops to check out what you got, despite the foot traffic and your shop being in the market are you going to make any sale?
The answer is none at all.
Similarly, that you have a website, blog, social media account doesn’t make for the millions of Internet users to leave whatever they are doing in a whim, check you out and bring out their wallets.
With the level of competition having those platforms is no longer novel. You don’t do anything special to have those things. Those things have become the basic for every business.

Now the differentiation is how you separate yourself from the crowd. And there comes in the turn key life cycle marketing strategy I talked about.

It’s turn key because it can be easily repeatable,
It’s life cycle because it’s automated to carry your prospects through a properly defined biz objectives and outcome in their purchasing journey with you. From attraction, to engagement, to conversion to nurturing…

It’s a strategy because you must start with the end goal in mind and work your way back to the beginning

You must develop a cohesive strategy that takes every visitor who comes on your site through engagement and nurturing which will help boost your long term profits.

If what you currently do is post whatever wherever, hardly update your website or blog, then you’re not working the turn key life cycle marketing strategy.

That is merely the touch and go method which doesn’t provide ultimate benefits at the end of the day.

Now this is where the challenge lies for business owners, the ability to fully grasp what it will take and to commit to it enough to see results.
Whatever business outcome you want to generate online, don’t happen overnight as some may make you believe in their hype messages.

It takes extreme level of commitment of time, resources and the know how to deliver business growth online.

If you need to learn more about the turn key life cycle marketing strategy and how to implement it in your business, sign up for the forth coming webinar.

Building your business online – the turnkey marketing system..

In this webinar, I will show you what to put in place even before designing your website,
How to leverage online platforms and channels for sustained growth.

How to keep website visitors interested in your products and services.

If building a sustainable online growth is what you really desire, then this training is for you.

Sign up now, it’s free
Go here now to sign up.
See you on the webinar.

Hey, I’m illoh ifeoma, Founder/CEO

Welcome to my online marketing training website and blog.
This is where I coach entrepreneurs on how to leverage the power of the internet to really grow their business. Ensuring best practices in a DIY style.
Got tons of insights, tips and free stuff here. Take advantage. If you want to talk with me directly, use the phone number or email address on the top of this page. Thanks for being here.

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