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Afridocs initiative

African Documentary Films

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A world first will be taking place this month when a full week of African documentary films are broadcast across sub-Saharan Africa on DStv channel ED (channel 190) and GOtv (channel 65).


This unique film event will see a diverse and exciting range of films screened across 49 countries of sub-Saharan Africa, to coincide with the Durban International Film Festival, the largest film festival in South Africa that takes place from July 17th – 27th.


One of the films to be screened during the week explores the music and life of the incredible Femi Kuti – billed as a journey into the heart of making music, Day By Day: Femi Kuti is more than a biopic, but rather gives real insight into every aspect of the creative process.

As the film follows the development of a track from Femi Kuti’s latest album, it sets out to explain the artistic decisions. These choices are inseparable from Femi’s involvement in the political situation in his home country, Nigeria.

Correct arrangements and bold choices involving one guitar strumming patterns over another, woven together with a choir’s harmony, come together to bring forth the artist’s message. The film then also sheds light on the unsung work of the record producer, Sodi, in the specific context of urban and anti-establishment music : Afrobeat.

Day by Day explores this musical journey through the Parisian studio. The documentary shifts between the object of the artist’s struggle; his fight to lift Nigeria and Africa as a whole out of the despondent poverty, and the proof of his commitment and tools of his trade: haunting, catchy songs.

Step by step, the viewer is immersed in the fascinating world of the Femi Kuti -, from the initial recordings to the album’s release, from the artist’s financial problems to his nomination for a Grammy Award,


Day By Day: Femi Kuti will screen on Wednesday July 23rd   at 21:00 (GMT + 2).




The AfriDocs Film Week will connect the largest film festival in Africa through a ‘film festival at home’ featuring documentary films from thirteen countries in Africa – D.R.C., Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.


“So many documentary films have been shot in Africa, but very few have been seen by African audiences”, says AfriDocs Executive Producer Don Edkins from Steps in Cape Town, “this heralds a new era of distribution for the continent.”


Films by African filmmakers Idrissa Guiro, Sani Elhadj, Licinio Azevedo, Rehad Desai, Judy Kibinge, Andrey Samoute Diarra, together with filmmakers Mika Karismäki, Thierry Michel, Roger Ross Williams, Abby Ginsberg and Göran Olsson amongst others, will be seen for the first time by a wide audience through this collaboration.


Seven of the films screening at the Durban Film Festival (DIFF) will also be part of the programme, including the award-winning Miners Shot Down, Concerning Violence, I Afrikaner, The Irresistible Rise of Moise Katumbi, Coach Zoran, Plot for Peace and Soft Vengeance.


These African documentaries tell a range of stories; from films about great African artists, such as singer and activist Miriam Makeba (Mama Africa) and the Malian photographer Malik Sibidé (Dolce Vita Africana), to political / historical films on leaders Patrice Lumumba and Liberian President Sirleaf Johnson, as well as films about revolutionaries, farmers, gangsters, and illegal immigrants.


This week long film event is a special broadcast project from AfriDocs, the first weekly primetime documentary strand broadcasting across Africa. Every Tuesday night on ED (DStv channel 190) and GOtv (channel 65), AfriDocs screens top African documentaries to 49 countries by satellite, and terrestrially to an additional 100 cities in 8 countries.


AfriDocs is an initiative of the multi-awarded South African documentary production and distribution company, Steps, in partnership with the Bertha Foundation.


For the full programme schedule and synopses of the films, please go to or


You can also follow AfriDocs on twitter: @Afri_Docs

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Selling With stories – How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Documentaries

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Selling with stories- how to tell your brand story using documentaries.

Selling with stories- how to tell your brand story using documentaries!

Selling With stories – How to Tell Your Brand Story Using Documentaries

As Africans we were raised with stories.

If we could go back decades ago – children playing under the tree, in a moonlit dark evening, gathered together to hear about the famous stories of the tortoise and the animal gang!

You would recall, if you had one bad break, did something wrong, there was a story with similar morals embedded within that elders would hurriedly share hopefully to build an emotional connection that you could learn from.

We love those stories,
we are drawn by stories.

Let’s now fast forward into 2014.
Has that phenomenon of loving a good story been told, faded?
Absolutely not!

Now brands are becoming increasingly aware of how story telling can create a connection between them and their audience.
Just for the one fact that brands have realized that getting a sale isn’t the end all be all of a relationship between itself and its consumers.

It understands that to build loyalty, engagement and a customer for life, would take more than pure advertising so here comes the storytelling solution.

The concept within a story can take any form or style. What is most critical is its authenticity.
In this piece I would rather like to draw your attention to the vehicle with which you deliver your stories.

Stories that sell and engage your audience are driven via multimedia channels because of it’s heightened production delivery. And speaking of multimedia, we’ll take a closer look at documentaries.

Hold up! Cos you may literally go “ah! Documentaries? Those about the birds and lions I see regularly on TV, how is that gonna work here?”

Although, I have to say that those documentaries are really fun and a lesson or two can be gleaned, but to really build and grow a connection between your brand and it’s audience you will need more than just fun delivery documentaries.

A documentary with a vivid, compelling brand story that addresses or showcases the dire need of your audience that’s the kind of story that would stick.

Your story delivered via a documentary should successfully deliver any of these four elements.

1. Gain attraction – your audience should find interest and connection between what you share in your story and what’s goes on with them, the very reason they need your service or product.

2. Draw engagement – the success of a good brand story is to get your audience thinking and talking. The memorable stories we have are those that churned out questions we sought answers for. Those that made us talk to the next guy about how we felt or is willing to do after watching.

3. Generate a movement – imagine you can promote your good cause and most importantly set up a fire. Get people’s attention to something that requires a change and solicit support for that change.

4. Deliver some inspiration – your stories must inspire, inspire yet again and inspire some more.
Take your audience to those amazing heights where they believe they can be, do, have more.

Now, which brand do you think has used these four elements and successfully told a great story using documentaries. Share them in the comments below, do let me know.

But here goes how we can tell the African brand stories using documentaries.
Imagine a full week where you could watch and learn directly from African stories told within a documentary.
There is no doubt that we’ve got great stories etched within our life and history, unfortunately we’ve lost some of them.

But Step, a South African documentary production and distribution company in partnership with the Bertha Foundation is using the initiative “Afridocs” to broadcast African documentary films.
You can catch all of these documentaries on DStv ED Channel 190 and GOtv channel 65 through July 17 – 27.

As an entrepreneur get yourself fixed to these channels and learn how great stories can be told via a documentary and who knows, you just may come out with an inspiration or two that would help you craft your own brand story.

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