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Learn how to get more Clients using LinkedIn

Want more customers? Do you desire an increase in sales? Want to gain more online exposure for your business? Learn how you can use LinkedIn effectively to gain new clients in this free webinar coming up on Thursday, June 5th, 2014 by 12 Noon!  Register with just your email here to attend

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Click on the video icon to watch this short video

Click on the video icon to watch this short video

The 3 steps to gain more clients using LinkedIn

In this webinar, I will show you 3 Steps to gain more clients using LinkedIn - Learn the insights, how to's and tools that I have used within my business  that landed me new clients  within days of maximizing my LinkedIn strategy.

Illoh Ifeoma
Host, Linked Business Power webinar

Are you in any of these situations right now?

  • Are you tired of sending proposals and have some secretary build a wall against you, not sure if your proposal got to the right person?
  • Are you frustrated with unsuccessful business appointments with someone only to spend your minimal resources to visit the individual or business in their office just for them to respond with "we will see you later"
  • Are you tired of attending networking events that feel like a marathon race of who's got the highest number of cards but at the end of the day that connection never translated to a business connection or even sales transaction.
  • Do you have a LinkedIn account but cannot really point to the business transaction or connections you have made from it?
  • Do you have a LinkedIn account but curious about how you can use it maximally to gain more customers?

If you answered yes to one or more of  these questions, then this webinar is a MUST- ATTEND!

Why LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn is the number one social network for business professionals with over 300 million users worldwide, that is 300 million people who mean business
  • LinkedIn is the top social network in use by top executives of the world's BIGGEST companies. E.G. people like Richard Branson of Virgin, Bill Gates of Microsoft and a whole others.
  • Connect with buyers, partners, distributors, investors, the media, customers via LinkedIn
  • You will find the key decision makers; people who hold the keys of top businesses on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the only trusted network online where you literally have access to thousands and millions of people who will be willing to engage in business connections
  • Tell me why shouldn't you be on LinkedIn and why shouldn't you use it strategically to gain more exposure for your business?

If you could gain Five new customers in the next 30 days through LinkedIn, How much will that be for your business? 100, 000...1,000,000... 10,000, 000

On this Webinar, You will learn

  • 1

    Leverage LinkedIn contacts for business results

    How you can you grow your business contacts to increase more sales?

  • 2

    How you can connect to the right people that will turn out to be profit for you

    How can you start and manage conversations with decision makers and key players in your industry without having the "Oga is not around" shoved in your face. No middleman barriers, no fears as to whether your proposal got to the right desk or person.

  • 3

    The tools you should use to reach more people

    How to engage more people and get found more on LinkedIn using some tools am already using within my business

  • 4

    Discover the top mistakes Nigerians are making on LinkedIn

    Don't fall traps of these mistakes. Many people are already making them, and you want to avoid them at all costs.

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