LinkedIn An Untapped Marketing Goldmine

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LinkedIn, the untapped marketing Goldmine

LinkedIn An Untapped Marketing Goldmine

Is LinkedIn the untapped marketing goldmine?

In the history of social media, Nigerians don’t lag behind in owning a profile for themselves.

Brings me to recall a conference I attended one time, and the speaker from India said, “Of all places he’s been to speak, Nigerians are the most social savvy.

Although, I do not know the places he’s been to, am sure he wasn’t just saying it to make those in attendance feel good. He meant every word.


Has that social savviness translated to business intelligence and advantage especially using the LinkedIn platform; a social media channel directly targeted for professionals.


Clearly, you may answer that based on your own usage and experience. But, I want to open up your mind to the untapped potential to make limitless business connections that can translate to meaningful business transactions.


Before you start blasting away an ad  for your product or service at the sound of that to all your LinkedIn connections, you need to know that like every meaningful human connections there is a how to and also a how not to.


I may choose to spew out the reasons LinkedIn is the social media of choice if you’re an entrepreneur.

I could tell you how LinkedIn is home to over 330 million professionals, how it is the number one trusted platform for business connections.

Think about networking on steroids!

But all that will be pointless if you’ve got no strategy and don’t align those strategy with your business goals or marketing goals.

Without such insight you will never be able to tap into the LinkedIn untapped goldmine?

How do you tap the LinkedIn goldmine?

A business goal can transcend just making sales. It includes reaching out to partners, distributors, influencers, sales agents, partners, investors, the media and of course prospects.


In other words, a business owner could have a goal that states gain 10 new clients in six months. Beyond that it could also include reach three new potential partners or investors and cultivate a meaningful business relationship.

You clearly need to flesh out your goals. This means write them down in black and white.

Have a timeline, action steps and appraisal moments…

For example to gain new clients to a specific product/service will take a different strategy from if your goal is to create a relationship with partners, distributors etc…

Next is to determine who is the right target for that goal, how would they describe their work, position, title on LinkedIn.

You see LinkedIn is a search engine and you would need to know the right keywords to use in searching for your potential prospects.

For example I could say my target audience are business owners but not all business owners use those terms to describe themselves.

In my research I’ve discovered some use managing director, CEO, entrepreneur, Founder, and the list goes on.

Someone targeting teachers could search for the terms “teachers,” “educational provider”, “educationist”, “Principal educator”, hope you get the point.


The idea is to understand the key terms also known as keywords that your target audience plays with in their LinkedIn profile.


Next, you need to their pain/need.

If you can provide value for their pain then you would gain their attention.

In approaching LinkedIn as a marketing platform, the mistake some people make is to pitch directly their product/service at the first instant of a connection, if you go this route, it’s going to be too bad for your overall and long term success.

This sounds too much like a cliché but it begs to be recalled “people don’t care about what you have to offer unless they know that you really care about them and theirs”


To ensure you have long term success with LinkedIn and derive value from your connections don’t be a linchpin.

Be a giver first and in most times not a take. Remember the 80 – 20 rule.

Offer value and value some more.

Stop thinking about your pocket for a moment. Get off the survival mode and start building a legacy. Build valuable seeds in the business of other people.


If you follow these key points and align your LinkedIn strategy, you’ll definitely see better results and what’s more fun about it is the new opportunities and frontiers that will reveal themselves beyond what you anticipated.

Now, here’s to your success using LinkedIn as a positive business platform!

Illoh Ifeoma
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Illoh Ifeoma

Online Marketing Coach at Marketing Kiss PR
Illoh Ifeoma is a Digital Marketing Strategist, and the Founder of Marketing Kiss PR.Where she helps entrepreneurs discover online marketing strategies, tips and tactics to push their business to the next level. She runs live workshops, webinars and training.
Illoh Ifeoma
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Illoh Ifeoma

Illoh Ifeoma is a Digital Marketing Strategist, and the Founder of Marketing Kiss PR. Where she helps entrepreneurs discover online marketing strategies, tips and tactics to push their business to the next level. She runs live workshops, webinars and training.

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