AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

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AfriDoc 2014 - Nigeria missing!

AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

AfriDocs 2014 – Nigeria Missing

AfriDoc 2014 - Nigeria missing!

AfriDoc 2014 – Nigeria missing!

How did it happen?

A country with the second largest movie industry.
A country with a high youth population in a country where small film makers can help grow its economy just diversifying their perspectives.
Yet is a country missing in action in the ongoing “Afridocs” initiative.
Organized by steps and the Bertha foundation. This initiative is all about showcasing African stories to the African audience to achieve in an array of selected documentary, being broadcasted on DStv channel 190 and GOtv channel 65 between July 17 and July 27.
But if you look through the documentaries lined up, not one was created or produced by a Nigerian producer.
Makes me wanna say, “Heck! What happened?”
Are practitioners in the film industry remotely aware of the opportunities they’re passing over.
Over the last four days I’ve written about the potentials of striking out as a documentary producer or creator.
Now here is a clear case that we are  not taking advantage of all the opportunities before us.
Going forward, I would like to see that we harness all the potentials we’ve got .
Nollywood shouldn’t be about home videos and movies alone. We’ve got stories etched within our history and our very present that can be captured and told like never before using documentaries and we do know that this opens up Nigeria to opportunities of recognition within Africa and the global stage.
Will we keep passing off our opportunities because we couldn’t care about harnessing our latent money making opportunities. And saying money making is just a single value or outcome.
Embracing the potentials within the documentary world is more about creating value, helping the economy and been a valuable resource, providing solutions to those who really need them, creating jobs etc.
So it’s up to us to step up!
Dust the cameras and go a shooting!
Now your turn. Do you think there could be some unspoken reasons  why the documentary industry is untapped?
Let me know in the comments below.
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