How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands

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How to drive engagement on Facebook

How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands

How do you drive engagement on Facebook? With Facebook organic reach dwindling every day, it means if you must use the platform, you got to get serious! the days of setup, post sporadically and forget is over.
To achieve this, you need to understand the different strategies that work.

For this reason, I went on a mouse search to find top businesses that use Facebook pages to connect with their audience at the same time does some advertising spend.

As Valentine’s day was just few days away, it is in order to see what Nigerian brands… the likes of
Konga, Jumia, Daviva Fabric, Paporte, Wedding Digest Nigeria and more.

As we look at the various posts they made on Valentine’s day. We will reveal some key tips that you will learn
from these pages.

Catch the tips in this video or scroll down the page to read a text summary of the tips I shared.


Tip 1: Make posts that stir the emotions.
Emotions is a powerful thing. It causes us a to feel and think. It influences us.

When you make your posts, ensure that it touches the emotions. Payporte Facebook page was a perfect example.

Tip 2: Can you imagine how Wedding Digest Nigeria, flowed on Valentine’s day? They flipped the coin.
They thought outside the box. Showed off two beautiful twin babies…. This was the post with the most engagement.
Many times you don’t have to follow what the crowd does. Stir your own course.
Tip 3: Konga Nigeria knows what branding looks like and feels like. In terms of understanding their brand identity they got that to the bank.

They made a custom graphic, you can’t beat having a fun valentine day without a date with your loved one.

Anyone can relate with that, and with the visual power of the graphic, I say this was a good engaging post.

Tip 4: Don’t make it about Sales! Sales! Sales!
If you must connect with your audience you must provide value beyond just asking for a sale. Pages who makes it
all about a sale in this new dispensation of Facebook organic reach, it would be difficult to manage an active page without some value.
Tip 5: Don’t stop enagaging…
A lack of engagement with your fans may prove two things which is either the company no longer exists or there is
no strategy backing the social media presence.

Remember this: Facebook and social media, isn’t just about the sales. The ROI of social media extends to activating
your brand reach, your brand awareness… making sure you are top of mind always.

When this is the case overtime it helps the user in their journey as they make buying decision.
Keep at it. Don’t stop!

That’s How to drive engagement on Facebook – Lessons from Jumia, Konga and other Nigerian Brands.

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Benefits of having a social media presence

You may ask? Is social media important for my business?

My answer is YES! In capital letters.

The mistake a lot of people make is to always think in terms of the money first when using social media or any other online platform to promote business objectives.

You would be quickly disappointed if that’s your only goal for using social media.
The benefits of having a social media presence to your business can’t be quantified.

This is why I’ve written this post. So without further Ado, let’s dig deeper.

  • Having an active social media presence creates an air of credibility…

Do you know that your social media presence if powered by relevant and vital content within your industry sets you apart the many making a ton of noise out there. Because you wouldn’t know when someone decides to search for solutions/products/services around what you offer.
A Facebook, Google Plus page or twitter account that shows up when they need more information enforces that you are in business for real and maybe smarter or better than the competition.

The opposite is also true.
When you create accounts on those social media sites and don’t maintain an active presence, it can hurt your business.
There are so many abandoned Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
This sends the wrong message. It could mean that you are no longer in business. As was the case when I tried reaching a business that provided some service for my company.

Don’t ever forget that if people can view your business online as credible, that’s a powerful positive reputation.

In business reputation makes all the difference to build it takes a lifetime, to destroy it takes a moment.
So you got to be mindful, yes you should have a social media presence, but make sure it’s actively managed and maintained.

  • An active social media presence helps you establish thought leadership.

In this world of stiff competition, your only differentiation is your thought leadership.
You have seen this play out on Television talk shows. When they need to discuss a subject matter, they literally go in search of someone who is an expert in that field and everyone accepts whatever the fellow says as “truth” regarding that field because he/she is considered to be the authority in that field.
Likewise, you need to stand out in whatever field you operate in and position yourself as an authority.

This doesn’t happen overnight, so the earlier you start, the better.
Share your expertise and knowledge via various resources and materials like audio training, or podcast, video, blogs, e-book etc. that enlightens your customer base.

Want to get started in becoming an expert in your field, Let’s discuss your options. Schedule a consultation call with me here or click on this link

When you empower others with information they may not find elsewhere, it sets you apart. Before long you’ll start gaining referrals from people you having met but have read, watched or listen to your content.

  •  Number three benefit of having a social media presence are the low cost of advertising relative to other media, the growing potential fan base, and the ability to engage fans more thoroughly than with non-interactive ‘old media.
    Imagine you can relate directly with your customers when you’re launching a new product or service, hired new key employers without the hassle of organizing a press conference or sending out a press release in the traditional way just by a tweet or a status update.  Although, large companies may not be able to totally rule out those traditional options but as a micro business, with a limited marketing budget how crucial is it then to manage a vibrant social media presence.
  • Number four: Research! Research! Research!

You may wonder why it sounds like am emphasizing that point… Yes I am.
How time wasting and frustrating when you come up with a solution, product and /or service your market shuns.
You shouldn’t go through all that as social media is right there for you to ask anything!

Canva uses Facebook for customer survey for improved product development

Canva uses Facebook for customer survey for improved product development

You may ask, what if I don’t have a large following. Well for those who don’t have a considerable amount of followers yet, social media can also be useful. Your kind of research will then be the one I’ve called the O.P.A Principle.
It just means that you use other people’s audience. There a=is a strategy around this though.

I coined this word because I’ve observed that if micro business owners are engaging enough in the right places, there is just enough information already put out that you do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Does any of these benefits interest you? Would you like to build authority and gain influence over the competition in your business? Register to receive my latest course on the "Five Social Media Posts that Attracts, Engage and Keep your Fans Coming for More!"

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