3 ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies

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3 ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies

3 ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies

In one of my posts I shared how you must have some questions answered when designing a website, whether you’re designing it yourself that is you choose to be a (DIY) do-it-yourself entrepreneur or you outsource it to a website designer the main goal is that your website is fit and functional to convey the right message to your audience. Having done that, the next thing to focus on would be how to increase traffic to your website.
In this post I will strategically look at three ways to increase traffic to your website with SEO strategies.

SEO in this case means search engine optimization. It’s the buzz word for simply saying how to improve your site so that it shows up in search results when someone types in a word or phrase called keywords into a search engine.

Why do you want the possibility of showing up in search?
The reason is this: when someone is really seeking answers to solve a need. They go to the search engines for results. They click on the websites and links that show up there and if your website happens to be one of the results you can be sure that’s free traffic for you, and a potential prospect and loyal customer.

To begin this, first we need to determine what core factors really go into determining whether your site shows up in the search engines or not.

And these are three important factors… miss them and miss the search engines altogether.

One: is your site mobile friendly?
Having a mobile responsive site is no longer an option.

In 2013, I told a number of entrepreneurs how important it is to have their business be mobile responsive that from my research both online and offline, more and more people are browsing the Internet with their mobile phone. But you know in Nigeria, things don’t catch up until it has become very popular.

Now though, Google the owner of the biggest search engine has released a report that say by April 21, 2015 websites that are not mobile optimized will not show up in search. They are making it a big deal, a major factor to determine who ranks on the search engines and who don’t.

Now what does that say to you?

That in order to make sure you get some Google love, your website must be mobile optimized.
Please note that when I say mobile friendly, mobile responsive and mobile optimized they all mean the same thing. Which is your site can be viewed by anyone with any devices, shape and size without having to zoom, pinch and have a terrible experience on your site because they are accessing it with their mobile phone, tablets, etc.
That is one sure way to increase traffic to your website.

The other factor that determines your website fate on the search engines is very clear, your website speed.
How long it takes for your website to load within a browser.

For those of you who outsource to a website designer, did you even think along these lines?All you check is “is my website beautiful?”

A beautiful website take takes too long to load in a browser is a No – No.
You need to do more than just beauty. Your website must have speed.

So your website page speed is really critical.
To help you determine whether your website fits all these criteria, I created a video tutorial that show you what online tools to use to discover your website page speed and mobile responsiveness.
Click here to go to the video tutorial

Now let’s talk about the last but not the least determining factor for some search engine optimization.
Content plus content plus contentious content, plus content, plus content, if you’re still reading this hope you don’t get tongue twisted.

So many websites out there were built to be forgotten.
The owner just had it set up because it seemed to be the right thing to do. They have no idea how that website could help with their marketing.
It maybe that they don’t even login to the site to add fresh content regularly.

If that is you, that should change after reading this.
You need to constantly nourish your site with fresh, dynamic, valuable content.

That is why I always advocate using the WordPress content management system when setting up your site. Because with minimum help you can figure out how to login into the site, create fresh content that are blog posts and articles, videos, podcasts etc.
With a WordPress site you can have both a website and a blog.

You may ask, what exactly do I mean by content.
Content that helps your potential customer.
Content that helps them make a decision while contemplating what service or product to use.
Content so helpful and valuable.

If you’re reading this, you have before you a perfect example of that.
You may be interested in growing your business online and I’ve delivered content that can show you how to achieve that. For one way to grow your business online is to show up in search engine result which is called search engine optimization.
I have gone ahead to show you three important determining factors which if not taking into use, just forget about search engine traffic.
Now, am walking the talk. Not just telling you how am an awesome website designer or online marketing strategist or digital consultant and all those bla…bla…bla…

Without collecting any money am showing you what to do.
You may say won’t my competition copy me?
If your competition copies you then we know who is the boss.

So in summary, three ways to increase traffic to your site with SEO strategies are:
One: make sure your website is mobile friendly
Two: make sure your website speed is faster than the speed of light. That means your site loads pretty fast.
Three: make sure you share tons and tons of valuable content for your audience and website visitors.

If you’re wondering how can you create content or understand what type of content you should be creating then hit me up. Schedule a one on one digital strategy session with me using this link here.

We will have a chance to talk over Skype or using my online meeting software if you don’t have Skype for 20 minutes where I will provide you with key insights and directions on what to do to set off creating content for your website.
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