Five principles to become a stand out success

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Five principles to become a stand out success

Five principles to become a stand out success

I recently had a speaking engagement with young people in Secondary Schools most of whom were in their teens.

It was paramount they understood how tech and the world is changing as they will be choosing their careers.
So, the topic I felt would drive home the point was  “Five principles to become a stand out success”.

These points can benefit anyone. It’s all about understanding your choices, preparing for it and making the shift.

So, here are the five principles to become a stand out success:

1. The principle of goal setting. (You should have short term and long term goals.) the need for goal setting extends beyond passing your next exams.
Work hard towards their achievements as a goal in your head will never come through

2. Think outside the box. A box is anything that confines or limits you. Don’t let your environment make you think small. Increase your knowledge, know what’s happening around the world even as it relates to your field of study or future career. Know the latest research, tools etc….

3. Tech is a serious game changer. You need to take technology seriously. Any career you are going to choose has an input of technology. Know the latest technology been used in your chosen field. Get to discover also the technology that may put your put your prospective career at risk. For example… Robots are been used now to man retail stores.

4. Use social media wisely.
Whatever you put online lives forever. The golden rule is whatever you don’t want to see on the front pages of the national daily don’t put it online. Whatever you can’t tell your grandma you did, don’t put it online.

5. You are a brand. When you are born you are given a name. As you grow, you are building a brand. A brand is a notable personality or product that needs no introduction.

Now the problem of a brand is it’s not what you say you are, it’s what others perceive of you and say you are.
This is the reason you need to be careful how you brand yourself with things you’re leaving out there in the online world.
Moreso, recruiters have found online search of their prospective job candidates helpful as a way to weed out the chaff from the wheat in the pool of resume’s they get.

Your focus on these things build success in you overtime. Work with these five principles to become a stand out success and watch yourself stand out.

Share your thoughts, What other principles or points would you advice these young people to emulate.

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