Podcasting in Nigeria

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Podcasting in Nigeria - How to Start a podcast

Podcasting in Nigeria

As shared on the Podcast School blog on “How to Start and Launch Your Podcast”

  • Have you got a message you want to share with the world?
  • Do you feel a desire to host a radio show or Television show?
    but the huge cost discourages you?
  • Do you have a business and would like to promote it to a global audience?
  • Do you want to share your expertise, knowledge, experience and wisdom to help others?
  • Do you want to position your personal brand differently from others?

Now you can do it! Without the huge budget, censorship or chasing sponsors.

Start Your Podcast!

Although Podcasting in Nigeria is relatively new, so many people are yet to fully grasp the full

extent to the amazing the opportunities buried in it.

You don’t have to be Dr Phil to get an interview with Oprah
You don’t have to be Mo’ Abudu to setup your own African Black Entertainment Channel,
You don’t have to be Ben Bruce to Have Your Own Home Grown Cinema

Listen, You don’t have to be all these people to kick start your life, share your message, touch lives and be fulfilled and happy.

Because you can have your own global on demand Radio show also called a Podcast.
You can start now, in your kitchen, office, home, farm (as long as you can make your animals keep quiet while you record :) :) …the bottom line is wherever you have a computer and an internet access.

Launching your own podcast, also known as on-demand radio show can be the most rewarding, fulfilling experience both as a hobby or a full time business or ministry tool.

The challenge for most is how to start one that will rock, and stand out among the crowd at the same time position you as an authority and lending credibility to your voice.


Starting a podcast has a lot of advantages; it’s inexpensive, easy to set up, profitable and a whole others.

But before you jump on the band wagon, Can you answer some of these questions?

Do you know how to start a Podcast that Rocks!
Do you know what equipment to use?
Do you know where to host your show for maximum publicity?
Do you know how to engage your audience to keep them coming back?

These are some of the questions you must answer if you must launch a successful Podcast.
If you just jump on it, you will stumble and make “unnecessary” mistakes.

Avoid the mistakes by downloading your copy of the eBook

“Steps To Podcasting”
It is a Guide on Podcasting for Those Who Want to Launch Their Podcast and Stand out from the Crowd.

You will discover step by step guidelines you need to take into consideration before you launch your podcast show, during your show and after your show.

Save yourself a ton of work.
Get the eBook now… While it’s F/R/E/E

Visit the Podcast School by clicking here

Am offering the eBook free for a period of time, so use the discount code save10 at checkout.

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Storytelling Tools for Success

Storytelling Tools for Success

Storytelling tools for success

Storytelling tools for success

Over the course of the last 10 days between July 17 – 27 precisely, Africa has been spotlighted in the best way possible via the broadcast of African documentaries on the DStv ED channel 109 and GOtv ED channel 65.

What this broadcast can help us see as entrepreneurs among other things are ways to create and deliver storytelling as a business engagement tool that draws your audience to your side.

To successfully deliver storytelling as a customer engagement tool a brand needs to understand the process and tools it would require in every step of the process.

In other words, storytelling can be a powerful tool that drives customer engagement and loyalty, but every brand must understand the process and tools to succeed. So here are the “Tools and Processes to Succeed With Storytelling”

Storytelling process begins with research… Then development…. And finally publishing.

Before you engage in any form of storytelling. You need to engage extensively in research. And by this I mean, you have to understand exactly what your customers seek.
And how they use words to describe it.

Here are the tools to help with your research process.
1. Google trends: with Google trends, you can tell if their is an increased interest overtime in your subject of focus or a decline. With Google trends data you can actively prepare to be part of those making the news rather than a spectator.

2. Google keyword research: storytelling is all about developing content that connects with your target audience and one great way to know exactly how they use terms and words to search online for information related to your brand, industry, products and service a is the keyword tool. It’s a free tool etched within the Google Adwords account.

When you’ve done your research, the next step is to develop your content.
Your content can take any form for example text. Like an article, video, audio, podcast, infographics, instructographics.

The tools to develop each of these content forms differ from one another and would need a special blog post dedicated to it.

Now to the third process of storytelling is publishing.
Your content needs a platform to shine.
That could be your blog, video channel, podcast/on-demand platform, social media channels.

Incorporating storytelling as a business tool takes an investment of time, resources and your commitment, but the value it delivers is nothing short of a positive outcome.
Wouldn’t you start today?
Let me know in the comments below.

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